Kerrigan and Joe

How We Met

I was a junior, and he was a sophomore at the same high school. One morning, we were walking the halls and literally RAN into each other around a corner. We said sorry awkwardly, and I walked behind him until I met up with my friends. Once I got to my friends, I literally told them it was love at first sight. They told me his name and later that day on the bus, I was talking to Chris (who I always sat beside on the bus) explaining the whole thing to him. Well turns out, Joe was his best friend and later that night Joe texts me. That’s literally how we met! Fast forward a few months he takes me to the Struchen Flats Park, and asks me to be his girlfriend December 12, 2013.

How They Asked

Then almost 7 years later on May 27, 2020 he takes me there to the same spot to ask me to be his wife????



Special Thanks

Michaela Kessler Photography
 | Photography