Kerrie and David

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how we met

One right swipe started it all. David and I met on Tinder, the online dating app. David having lived in Connecticut, South Africa, South Texas and then at the time Wisconsin (where I am from), fate truly brought us together. We recognized immediately that we both have a passion for animals. David being a zoologist and my dad being a veterinarian, gave us common ground. A

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fter about nine months of dating we knew it was the real deal. We also knew that we wanted to experience new places together. Working in the energy industry and David having the worked and lived there before, moving to Texas was an exciting next step for us to take. Knowing no one there but seizing opportunities for our careers, we moved across the country together and haven’t regretted it for a single second.

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how they asked

David proposed March 26, 2016 in Lafayette Village, NC. He and I, his parents Mike and Loretta, his brother and sister-in-law Bryan and Rachel, his brother Lance and his two nephews Camden and Chase were together for Easter weekend. It was special to begin with as we live in Texas, his parents in New York, his eldest brother Lance in Seattle and his second eldest brother and his family in North Carolina. So it was very special to have everyone together for a holiday as it doesn’t get to happen too often. I was under the impression we were going out for an Easter lunch. Rachel, David’s sister-in-law, was very insistent we needed to sit outside and then the restaurant would give our group a discount for not taking up a large table inside. Lafayette Village is a quaint area of small businesses and restaurants with a grassy picnic area in the middle of it all.

Everyone seemed kind of flustered that day (including myself as I worked hard to get a stain out of a shirt I wanted to wear that day and almost ended up going to lunch in a T-shirt as a result). We sat down at the picnic table outside the restaurant overlooking the grassy center of the village and David got up to use the restroom. Within a matter of minutes, music started playing. I didn’t even really register what song it was because people got up and started dancing. I realized it was a flash mob of all crazy things, which got me so excited as it had always been a dream of mine to witness one live! I started looking around for David, I was so bummed he was missing it! Then at a certain part in the song people started pointing at me. I looked behind me and David parents just kind of stared at me, not sure what was going on either.

David’s sister-in-law got up and joined in the dance. Then his brother Bryan. I realized then the song, whihc I was paying less attention to than the dancing, was “Marry You” by Bruno Mars. The song and dance kept going, and they kept pointing at me and David was still gone. When all of a sudden the dancers parted and David appeared from behind them walking toward me. I fell apart instantly. He knelt down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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Overwhelmed and hysterically laughing and crying and so unbelievable happy and excited, I said yes. I just hugged him as fast as I could I couldn’t believe what he had put together for me. One of the dancers donated champagne for the dancers, as well as our family and we toasted all together. I got to meet all the dancers and learned they had been practicing for two months prior and had been put together by Bryan and Rachel through a local internet posting asking for people to volunteer their time to be part of this. And for eight weeks they practiced every week with a choreographer to who donated her time to put it together for us.

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I still am overwhelmed thinking about it. It’s a day I will never forget and I could not have imagine a more perfect proposal in any dream in any lifetime. We are so excited to be married October 14,2017 in Hudson, New York. Our wedding will take place at The Hill in a historic Palladian barn, built in 1801 overlooking the Catskill Mountains.

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