Kerri and Clint

Kerri and Clint's Engagement in In our hometown

How We Met

We officially met in August of 2014, but we had always “known” each other since were both from small towns right next to each other. He was always the cute older guy I thought would never be interested in me, turns out…. I was wrong :)

how they asked

He asked me if we could go to dinner with our friends that night to celebrate my college graduation the day before, so of course I said yes! I thought the plan was kind of strange because we were going to meet them all the way at their house to drive right back to where we came from, but everyone assured me nothing was happening and I was overthinking it… on our way over our friend, Josh, texted Clint saying his 3 year old was sleeping so we needed to go through the front door, which I thought nothing of. Little did I know, this was their code because their code sentence when we got there was “I hope we don’t wake Camille up” – which was Josh’s cue to turn on the sign. As we were driving up I had commented on how pretty their house was with all of their Christmas lights, and right about that time, he said the code sentence and the sign came on – I stopped dead in my tracks just shocked to turn around and see him down on one knee. Of course I said yes! He put so much work into making sure everything was perfect. It was truly the best surprise of my life!

Special Thanks

Josh and Mika
 | Planning
 | Photographer