Kerra and Brandon

How We Met

We have a mutual friend from college. I was hanging out with her one night, and he had texted another friend we were with asking what she was doing and if he could come, hang out with us. He came over to the dorm not too long after that, and we all hung out. He started flirting with me that night and got my Snapchat. A couple of weeks later he asked me for my number and we talked nonstop from then on.

How They Asked

We went to Rhode Island for our two year anniversary. The night before, we had planned to go to shelter Arcade bar to play games and have a good night. We got there around 11pm, an hour before our anniversary. He kept receiving phone calls from his best friend and I started asking him why his friend was calling so much and he told me it was because of a tournament in a game. I took that as the answer and we kept playing games around the arcade. He eventually said let’s gonplaybpinball, so we went down to the pinball machines and me, not knowing what was happening, was super into looking at the machines. He passed all the pinball machines and went over to this smaller game I hadn’t noticed. This was a game he built and created for me specifically to propose. I saw the game, and it read “Marry Me Kerra” on the screen. I had to play through the game which consisted of a little story of us, with clowns and spiders (my two fears) as the monsters. I had to play as his character to come and save my character which was at the top. I was so nervous I couldn’t even play the game and he had to do it for me. I got to the top and jumped across to my character and went through a portal. It then said “congratulations you’ve won! Please turn around for your prize!!” When I turned around, I saw him on one knee, and I saw his friends behind him cheering and recording this special moment.

Special Thanks

Tyler from Shelter Arcade Bar
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