Kerisbel and Alejandro

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How We Met

The first time we officially met was after a party when we where around 17 years old. The group of friends we where with decided to go to Dennys to grab some food and we kind of had a conversation but it went no where. We both had a lot of mutual friends and we would see each other at social gatherings, meetings and so on, so eventually we sparked a conversation. We where both single but we still wanted to remain friends. As time went on we became best friends and eventually he declared his love for me and I decided to give it a shot. It has been the best decision I’ve ever made. We became boyfriend and girlfriend on May 8th, 2016. One year, and two months later…………He asked me to share our lives as one for the rest of our lives

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how they asked

I had a one week school training from July 3-8, which also happened to coincide with his brother also taking this course. I was busy all week studying and going to class from 8-4:30 all 6 days. His other brother and his wife came down to visit on the last day(Saturday) and i thought it was kind of weird they came just to see me graduate and his brother which made me have a small suspicion but nothing was adding up because my sister was leaving on a trip to visit her husbands family, so I said to myself; “if my sister leaves to her trip it’s not happening”. So the day goes by and my sister says her goodbyes, my niece hugs me tight and says see you in a week! So any suspicions I had where out the window once I saw my sister leave because I would always tell my fiancé my perfect proposal would be with all my family present. So his family and I head to Boston to celebrate and go out to dinner. As we are walking to the restaurant we stop at a beautiful tunnel in front of the Boston harbor. When we stopped to take pictures we ran in to our photographer (Elvis ;which is also a good family friend) and he says he’s working on the other side of the harbor. He saw we were taking pictures and offers to take a couple professional shots of us. As he is taking the pictures my family comes from behind and he turns me around to read a wooden sign saying “Kerisbel will you marry me? Love Alejandro 7-8-17” as I finish reading it I quickly turn around and see he’s getting on one knee and that’s when it all clicked. It’s happening!! Our whole families were there sharing our special moment. As you can see from our photos below everyone was filled with happiness and joy for us ! (Shared by our other photographer; Flordeliz). My perfect proposal became OUR Perfect day.

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Special Thanks

Flordeliz Calderon
 | Photographer
Elvis Batiz
 | Photographer