Keri and Steve's Florence Proposal

Image 1 of Keri and Steve's Florence ProposalHow We Met: I was starting to work at Stratton Mountain Resort in Southern Vermont for the 3rd season. It was a regular day working at a ski resort just working and snowboarding. Until I walked into my friend’s ski shop and saw a new girl working behind the counter. Little did I know that girl would be the person I would spend the rest of my life with. Things started slow with a few hi’s and hello’s here and there until one night we started dancing. It was an instant connection not to mention a few free Red Bull drinks considering we were at a Red Bull party.

After that our official first date was a few days later when we took some runs together. I was trying to play it cool and show of my skills so I took Keri down a closed trail. At the bottom of the trail was a huge hole that I barely made it threw. Keri wasn’t as lucky though! She fell and her skies came off. I could tell she was very embarrassed as I know she is a strong skier and usually doesn’t fall. She just jumped right up, put her ski on and begin down the hill like nothing happened. That’s when I knew she was the one! She was strong, smart, cool and drop dead gorgeous!

how they asked: We were working for a Summer School Program based out of Switzerland in the summer of 2014. We were lucky enough to be traveling through Italy with the students and I knew it was the perfect time. Some bask story from that summer was how I got the ring. My Grandma who was basically my second mother had passed away that July. She had told me before she passed away that she wanted me to give Keri her wedding ring when the time was right. I had come home without Keri in July for the funeral and my mother presented me with the ring before I left. I couldn’t believe it! The ring was amazing classic 6 prong setting from Tiffany’s and I knew Keri would love it. So the stage was set for the summer and I was traveling in the most romantic country with the girl of my dreams. All that was left to do was man up and pop the question.

I had planned to ask her in Venice because in my mind Venice was the best place to do it. Until I heard her say how much she loved Florence. Once we spent one day in Florence I knew it was the place. I had been hiding the ring and trying to keep it secure for the past week and I knew the time was now. We had just had a romantic dinner together at a small bistro but that still didn’t feel like the right place. Until we walked into a square in Florence to meet the students.

There was classical music playing, we were surrounded by magical statues and the hot summer night made for a perfect setting. I was trying to get the courage to ask but I was running out of time. I told her just one more song and she was like don’t you know classical music never stops and the song could go on for a long time. I knew it was my moment. I acted like I dropped something as I slid the ring out of my pocket and into my sweaty palms. When she turned around I was already on one knee. Her jaw dropped just waiting for me to say something. I paused with my nerves taking over my body until I finally said the words. Keri Elizabeth Rose Ives will you marry me? She paused for a minute and I felt my nerves taking over again. Then she said those words I will never forget till the day I die. YES!!! We both began to cry and hold each other while we were surrounded perfectly by thousands of strangers. It was the best night of my life and best engagement story I have heard thus far.

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