Keri and Patrick

KeRi's Proposal in Banff, Canada

How We Met

we’re in our early 30’s and have been dating for 6 years, but we actually met at 15… back in high school through mutual friends, where we dated for just 1 month and went to turnabout together at my high school (trust me, that awful photo will be making an appearance at our wedding)! we were friends after that, lost touch during college, and then mid-week beer buddies after college. eventually, we just reconnected. i denied we were actually dating for the first year of our rekindled relationship, wanting to be single for a bit, but there was no denying our connection.

we started ‘officially’ dating, got to know each others’ friends and families, went on trips together to places like st. thomas, cinque terre, ski trips to the french alps. we also became PROS at attending weddings together. we are lucky to have many amazing friends, and one year we had 13 weddings between the two of us (“and we rocked them all!”).

he’s a firefighter, and i’m an art director in advertising – he’s a white sox fan, i’m a cubs fan. he’s an avid mountain guy, and i prefer the city. but we both love the green bay packers, chicago deep dish pizza, and each other! our lives don’t totally match up, but we’re incredibly supportive of each other, and obviously one thing led to another, and next thing i knew we were engaged!

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how they asked

it all surprisingly went down on a ski trip with friends in banff, canada on st. patrick’s day this year… my own patrick proposed, overlooking snowy, frozen, lake louise, nearly 6 years into this thing. he pretended he wanted tohave a picture taken of us (definitely usually my thing), & shocked me in that moment, presenting a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind peach sapphire vintage cushion-cut rose gold engagement ring, in a unique wood box he had sanded down himself. of course i said yes, between tears and taking my bulky gloves off. :) (he may have forgotten to get down on one knee during the actual proposal, but i didn’t even remember or care – and it wouldn’t have been easy in ski boots!)

of course we celebrated with our friends and green beer at the bottom of the slopes by the bonfire. (his favorite holiday is st. patrick’s day, and it’s also my 1/2 bday.) i couldn’t believe it when he told me he’d skiied with the ring in his pocket all morning – i was super nervous skiing the rest of the day with it on myself! we all got back to the hotel later and sat in the hot tub to soak our sore muscles, and our friends brought out canadian champagne to celebrate our engagement.

he had had to ask FIVE people’s permission before he asked me… that sounds insane i know, but my dad passed 9 years ago from pancreatic cancer (and his did passed back when he was young), so to fill that role, he asked my mom, my dad’s best friend, my sister, and my dad’s 2 brothers. what a guy right??

we are currently planning our early summer 2018 chicago wedding in the city at a glass art gallery. we’ll have the ceremony on the roof overlooking the city skyline, and the reception downstairs by the working glass studio. food trucks will supply dinner, and lawn games will be going on. we can’t wait to have a fun, laid-back wedding in our city with 250 of our closest friends and family :) it can’t get here soon enough! we also plan to get simple tattoo wedding bands a little before the wedding (he can’t wear a ring with his job) – i love meaningful tattoos as well, and this way nothing will take attention away from my beautiful engagement ring. ;)

patrick always joked he wanted to get married on a mountain top, but knew i wanted a city wedding. so he had to settle for getting engaged on a mountain. i’m not complaining! feeling very lucky to be marrying my firefighter in a few months, wearing the gorgeous ring he picked out for me.

some photos are below of the memorable day. i hardly even remember the cold! ;)

(adding a few engagement photos at the very end as well, that we took a few months later. he knows my favorite flowers are sunflowers, so he was up for going to wisconsin with me, one of our favorite states to visit, for a sunflower engagement shoot).