Keri and Nick

How We Met: Nick and I initially met on the internet. We messaged back and forth for a while, and text messages quickly became phone calls that would last for hours. We had not actually met in person, but I felt like I knew him so well.

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Once our schedules allowed it, we planned our first date to be held at a beer garden in Charlotte. I remember my nerves and I’ll admit I was a little worried he wouldn’t be the same in person as he was via phone. I arrived to the restaurant first and sat at a stool at the bar with my heart beating out of my chest. As soon as Nick walked through the door I was so relieved!

Our first date was so natural; we drank a couple beers and played board games that were on a shelf at the bar. The date went so smoothly that we didn’t even notice how long we had been sitting there talking and laughing. We actually got kicked out of the restaurant because they were reaching closing time. The date ended with a hug goodbye, and I doubt I stopped smiling on my entire drive home.

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The second time we met up was a more formal dinner. I remember rushing home for work and running into my roommate’s room because I wanted her help picking out my outfit for my date with this amazing guy I met. The second date went just as great as the first, and we hung out a few more times the next few weeks.

We both love being outdoors, so one day we decided to go hiking at South Mountain. South Mountain is located south of Morganton, NC and is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls along the hiking trails. At the top of one of the waterfalls is a wading pool and large rocks, we were brave enough to walk out and sit on a rock near the edge of the waterfall. It was on this rock that Nick leaned in for our first kiss. Our relationship with each other was so natural from the very beginning and before I knew it we were officially dating and loving every minute of it.

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We did everything together, from adventurous road trips to simply lounging around the house all day, and we made so many memories along the way. I knew early in our relationship that I could see myself living a life with Nick forever. He is polite, ambitious, funny, and may I mention handsome!

Our personalities are so compatible and we often know what each other are thinking without even saying a word. I came to a point where I could definitely picture Nick as my husband, and we had countless conversations about marriage and how we would raise a family. Deep down I knew a proposal would happen eventually, I just didn’t know exactly when.

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how they asked: It was around the time of our anniversary, I figured we’d have a nice dinner and he would probably surprise me with flowers. He kind of mentioned may be doing something outside since our anniversary would fall on a pretty May day. We agreed that South Mountain would be a fun trip, it didn’t even occur to me that he had something up his sleeve.

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The morning of our anniversary he told me he had a few things planned for the day and we headed off for the mountains. We hiked the trail like we normally do, and of course we climbed out to our favorite rock at the top of the waterfall. He told me he wanted to take my picture, and that I had to turn around and act as if I were looking over the side of the waterfall. When he came back over I asked if he wanted me to take his picture and he said no. I was still oblivious at this point.

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Then Nick said to me “You know I want to spend the rest of my life with you”. Next thing I know he is standing face to face with me.

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This was the first time I noticed he seemed a little nervous. Nick got down on one knee at the top of the waterfall and proposed to me.

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I was so surprised, I couldn’t even say “yes” through my tears of joy. My hands were shaking as he put the beautiful ring on my finger and he asked if that was a “yes”. I am now happily engaged to the absolute love of my life, and enjoying every second of wedding planning and getting ready for this new phase of our lives. And that is how they asked.

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~ Ever Wonder What The Man Of Your Dreams Is Thinking The Day He Knows He Is Going To Ask You To Be His Wife?

This is how they asked . . . .

Keri and I loved hiking together from the beginning of our relationship. We usually would pack a few drinks and some snacks and hit the road to South Mountain State Park, our favorite hiking spot. We seemed to have a routine every time we went hiking. Although, on May 20th, 2015, I knew this hiking trip was going to be slightly different, but she didn’t.

We hit the road for the mountains with some good music in the background and that fresh mountain air pouring into the car as the windows were down of course. She was calm and relaxed in the passenger seat as usual; my emotions were slightly different, this hiking trip was going to be different. As she was singing along with the songs on our playlist, all that was repeating through my head were four very important words, and how I was going to say them.

There we were, pulling into the park and getting ready to take on the mountain. It started to feel real at this point. She walked ahead of me as I grabbed my backpack with our usual snacks and drinks. I ensured that my one additional, not-so-usual item was nice and secure in a side pocket on my back pack. It was secure, but I probably checked that thing five times just to make sure it wasn’t going to grow legs and hop out of my back on the hike up the mountain.

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We were about half way up the mountain. I began to get more and more excited and somewhat nervous. I knew I had no reason to be nervous. After all, this was the girl of my dreams whom I was hoping to spend the rest of my life with. We had a strong connection from day one, and I hadn’t doubted that unconditional mutual love once.

So there we were, approaching our favorite spot on the mountain. In order to get to our favorite spot, we had to hop a fence and walk off of the pre-navigated path. The spot in question was a postcard-worthy waterfall where we would be sitting on rock overlooking the waterfall from underneath us. This also happened to be where I stole our first kiss. We walked towards the rocks, and I knew I needed a minute to get my ‘items’ situated.

So, I told her to walk towards the edge of the rocks where the waterfall began, so that I could “take a picture of her”. I told her she had to be facing away from me of course. So she did just that, walked near the edge, and faced away from me. I threw my backpack on the ground, unzipped the side pocket and shoved my hand deep into the pocket in search of a fancy little box. I pulled the box out and held it behind my back.

I then began walked towards her, as she was still facing away from me, overlooking the waterfall. I then got in front of her, still with my hand behind my back. She was looking beautiful as always. She looked at me, with a particular look that she had when she was questioning what in the world I was up to. My heart started beating just a little bit faster because I knew this was it.

This moment I had been looking forward to my whole life, knowing that this was going to be the woman I am going to spend the rest of my life with. It was a lot to take in. Little did she know I had already gone over these plans with her parents when I asked for their blessing.

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I dropped down to a knee, at which point she instantly brought both of her hands to her mouth in a rush of excitement and those ‘happy tears’. I said, “Keri, will you marry me?” Or at least I thought I did. Part of me questions what words actually came out of my mouth at this very moment. She did not say anything at first, but her emotions and the nodding of her head gave me the answer I was hoping and praying for. I then asked for her hand and placed the ring on her finger. For the record, she did eventually say, “yes.”

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Photos by: Bella Vie Photography