Keren and Markus

How We Met

It was 2017, me, Keren was in the most skeptical position of my life about love, had a really bad past experience that had me 3 years single and not looking for any relationship or person to get involved with. Back then I was living in Panama and was making my plans to start a new life in Germany, was learning the language and going through all the visa process. Markus, my now fiancé, in the search for many answers for his life, present, and future, decided to start a world trip, taking a plane from his home country Germany to Mexico and heading down to Argentina. We both are travelers and belong to a Facebook group similar to Couch-surfing, and Markus was asking for a place to stay in Panama, I rarely visit the group but a friend of mine tagged me on his post and I found a friend of mine who could give him a place to stay.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Zeller Horn, Albstadt, Germany

Keren's Proposal in Zeller Horn, Albstadt, Germany

Proposal Ideas Zeller Horn, Albstadt, Germany

We said we would meet the day he arrived and then one of the four days he would be in Panama we would meet again and I would show him a nice place in Panama called Valle de Anton. In the end, after the first time we met, we felt amazing chemistry and we actually met every day, it felt just awesome to share time next to each other. We knew there was something more than just friendship, sadly Markus had to keep going with his trip, so we decided that we would try to have an LDR for three months, despite the cultural differences, language, and the distance, we learned to find the positive and middle point in every situation. After three months I visited him in Germany to attend his brother’s wedding and after we spend an awesome 8 weeks through Southeast Asia, and later on, a month in the USA with my parents. Finally, in January 2018 I moved to Germany where the distance was finally over.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Zeller Horn, Albstadt, Germany

How They Asked

Markus and I were talking for a while that after 2 years of relationship we would like to start thinking about the next step in our lives, get married. We talked about our dreams and what we would like our wedding to be like. But nothing more, he asked me a few times what my dream ring was like, but also no big clues that could make me think he was this close to pop the question up. I was telling him for over a month that I wanted to go to visit some castles here in Germany, but there was always something on our weekends and we couldn’t really plan. I had to go to the USA for almost two weeks and while I was there he told me a few times he had some appointments and he would have to be earlier at work or stay a bit later, which had happened before so I found nothing weird about.

Then he told me that on Sunday after I would come back (9th, June) we would go to the Zoller Horn, to take a walk and then we could see the castle I wanted to go to, I was so excited about!

We arrived at the place and the view was just amazing, he told me to stay in the front so he could make a picture of me, since I prefer back pictures he told me to turnaround so he could make a back picture, then he came to me and said let’s make a picture of both of us jumping, so we jumped and he asked me to jump with him once again in case the picture was not good so we jumped again and as we jumped when we landed in the ground he went on his knee

And told me that we were talking about the topic for a while but he had taken the days while I was away to make it real, that all the work meetings were a lie and he was actually looking for the perfect ring and making a wooden heart for the ring (which I found to be the most romantic thing in the world) and planning the perfect place to ask me… ‘Would you marry me?’ I was so nervous and surprised I just hugged him and forgot to answer so he had to ask a second time where I, of course, said yes! He was so nervous he set a second camera for recording a video but in the end, he pressed off instead of record so, there’s no video, but pictures :)

A photographer (Bill) and his wife (Linda) happened to be in the near and offered to make a lovely shot from us and the amazing background.

Special Thanks

Bill and Linda Pearce
 | Photographer