Kera and Eli

Proposal Ideas Our apartment in front of the fireplace.

How We Met

Almost 9 years ago I met not only my first love and highschool sweetheart but my best friend.

It was 2008 actually September to be exact when Eli asked me if I’d like to go on a date with him. I had never been asked nor knew anything about dates but of course I said YES in a heartbeat! I had actually never knew about him either until that day so with butterflies in my stomach I waited the day of our first date on September 7th 2008.

When Eli arrived he walked up to the door and introduced himself to my mom and handed me a bouquet of flowers (I had never received flowers from a boy so it was HUGE in my head) he asked if I was ready I practically ran to the car because I was so nervous.. he surprised me and opened my door for me, I just couldn’t get over the gentleman manners!

He took me to a little burger place called Back Yard Burger. We sat across from each other and just talked forever about everything and anything.

After we ate we saw a movie and he drove me back to my house. When we pulled up we just sat staring at each other I was so nervous but we just leaned in and not to sound cliche there were fireworks!

A couple days later he worked up the courage to ask me to be his girlfriend and I accepted of course.

how they asked

New years eve night we ran outside just before midnight to watch the fireworks. When we came inside he pulled me in front of the fireplace and asked me to be his wife always and forever. (It our sappy inside thing)

And I replied always and forever! Yes YES Yes!

Kera's Proposal in Our apartment in front of the fireplace.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our apartment in front of the fireplace.