Kenzie and Zane

Image 1 of Kenzie and Zane

How We Met

We were both students at the University of Memphis and met at the UCLA vs Memphis football game during my freshman year in his sophomore year. It was hot and overcrowded and I had nowhere to stand, I looked up and he nudged me to come, stand by him. Little did I know that man would be my soon to be husband!

How They Asked

It was January 14th, his birthday! We were on our way to his birthday plans I made for him which was an NBA game and dinner. He wanted to stop by his favorite coffee place before we headed downtown and next thing you know I was getting a call from him to come in and see the new “decor” well, that decor was his proposal!

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Image 2 of Kenzie and Zane

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Image 4 of Kenzie and Zane

Special Thanks

Kasey Hampton
 | Photographer