Kenzie and Teryn

How We Met

Teryn and I met on May 4th, 2019 after we matched on Hinge. Oh, online dating, the way no one wants to meet, but it seems like everyone does! After a short time talking on Hinge, Teryn asked me out on our first date to coffee on a Saturday morning. We ended up spending the entire day together into the late hours of the night. We’ve been together since.

Image 2 of Kenzie and Teryn

Image 3 of Kenzie and Teryn

How They Asked

I’m a side gig photographer outside of my teaching job, so Teryn’s sister asked me and Teryn to travel to Colorado Springs with her and her boyfriend to take some cute pictures of them in the Garden of the Gods Park. She had the idea to invite Teryn’s brother and his wife as well so we could set up my tripod and get some group photos to frame as a gift to their parents. Little did I know, this was all a ruse to get me dressed up and to have a nice camera around. We walked around for a bit, shot some cute photos, and when Teryn found the place he wanted to propose, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him!

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Image 4 of Kenzie and Teryn

I was so surprised and excited so I tried face timing my parents to tell them the news. I couldn’t get a hold of them, so he encouraged me to wait until we got to the car and had better cell service. When we got to the parking lot, his parents, nieces, and grandmother came out of their car and surprised me!

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He told me he was sad he couldn’t get my parents to come, but it would have been an 8-hour drive for them. In the parking lot, he told me before we left there was one more place we should go to take some pictures. When we got to that parking lot, I got out of the car to see my mom and dad with flowers and champagne! It was the best surprise of my life and to have my parents there meant the world to me!

Image 15 of Kenzie and Teryn

Image 16 of Kenzie and Teryn

Special Thanks

Amelia Kerr
 | Photographer