Kenzie and Scott

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How We Met

Scott & I lived in the same dorm our freshman year at college at Azusa Pacific University. It was the first weekend and one of my best friends & I were hanging out in the lobby when I saw him walk by. As I saw him walk through the crowds of people, I overheard his name being called and before I knew it I was calling him over. We spent the next two hours sitting in the lobby talking about where we were from, what our major is, what we wanted to do after college. It was after that night that I was completely smitten (& he was, too!).

Weeks passed as we continued to casually talk when we would run into one another. It wasn’t until I asked him this girl-ask-guy dance that it took our friendship to a more dating level. It was on that night that we shared our first kiss and began our crazy adventure of dating at 17, doing long-distant summers, trying to discover the balance between each other and friends, and surviving a study abroad. There was never a question of if Scott was the one, it was just a matter of when. Fast forward five years later and here we are!

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how they asked

One of my best friends from college had just moved back from Chicago and my three other best friends & I thought it would be perfect to have a sleepover and enjoy one of our favorite sunrises. Little did I know this had been the plan all along for months and months. The morning of, we all piled in the car with our coffee in hand and one too many throwback songs to count. It was a chilly morning and I couldn’t have even imagined what would’ve happen just a few minutes later.

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As we drove through the canyon, I was wondering which turn off we were going to stop at as the sun was rising quickly. Soon enough, my friend turned around in the car and handed me this note. When I opened it up it said, “See you soon -Scott”. I still wasn’t 100 percent convinced that this was the moment, our moment. The moment we had dreamed about and prayed about for years. A few seconds later I looked up to see the most handsome man standing there, waiting for me in the most perfect way.

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My friends dropped me off and as the sun started the rise, Scott got down one knee and asked me to be his wife. It was in that moment that I finally realized this was happening. It was my most favorite “Yes!”.

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Right when I said “Yes!”, I heard cheering coming from afar. As I turned around I saw balloons and people, but I really couldn’t tell what was exactly going on! However, I knew that I had just gotten engaged to the most perfect man, EVER.

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This pictures explains the next moments that followed so perfectly. It was in this moment that I saw my parents and siblings who had driven from Sacramento, my best friend who had moved to Texas, my college roommate from Northern California and Scott’s entire family, as well. The next half hour was filled with lots of tears and hugs and more tears!!

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My sweet friends and family set up this AMAZING sunrise breakfast filled with my most favorite florals, champagne, DONUTS, and coffee. We spent the next hour watching the sun rise and soaking in every minute, detail, and person. It was the most lovely morning and proposal that I could have ever dreamed of. We have been waiting and dreaming of this moment and this time for the past five years. We couldn’t be more excited to be in this season of life surrounded by so many people who have loved and supported us over the years!

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