Kenzie and Marc

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How We Met

Marc had just graduated from BYU Hawaii and just got back from a 3 month long surf trip and I had just gotten back from living in Maui for the summer. We both had only back on Oahu for a few days. School had not started yet so one of my friends put together a bon fire at Kakelas Beach in Hauula, Hawaii. I had no idea who Marc was but we met at the bon fire and pretty much just hit it off. Later that night we started to play some games on the beach where you needed a partner. Marc and I paired up and the games got pretty crazy. It was such a fun first memory with him.

how they asked

It all started Sunday afternoon when decided to go on a walk at Pounders Beach, we went up on the cliff on the beach to explore around for a little bit. After exploring, we went back to Marc’s house and were trying to decide what to do for dinner. Marc really wanted to use this gift card he had to Luibueno’s so he suggested I go home and change before we left (I had been in sweats all day). When I came back to his house he told me he couldn’t find his wallet anywhere. We tore apart his house but couldn’t find it anywhere. We even called a grocery store we had gone to previously but they didn’t have either. We figured he had to have dropped it somewhere on the cliff when we were exploring earlier. So we went back to Pounders to check the cliff. As I was walking on the cliff with Marc leading me, he was telling me to come over to edge and when I looked at the sand it said “I love you KenZ” and as I turned around he was on one knee. I was so surprised and it was the most magical moment. I couldn’t believe how bad he tricked me!! His wallet was never lost.

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Special Thanks

Carlos Mozo
 | Photography
Michelle Winchell
 | Sand Writer