Kenzie and Jordon

IMG_3965How We Met: Jordon and I met when we were 18 years old and just weeks from graduating high school.

Despite going to different schools, my best friend introduced us one month before graduation and our incredible love story began (I’ll admit… I may be a little biased).

On our first date, Jordon was a perfect gentleman. I still remember him making me feel like I was the most special girl in the world. He opened my door put on what I now know were his dressiest clothes, planned three different stops for the date, and even tried to meet my parents! As an 18-year-old, I was impressed. Flash forward one month and we had said, “I love you”, picked out our song (Taylor Swift-Mine- we were 18!), and started dreaming of our future together…we were inseparable.

Unfortunately, life caught up to us too quickly. We had both grown up in Indiana and while Jordon was set to stay there for school, I had decided before meeting J to go to Charleston, SC and was ready to go to college that August. One night we were sitting outside talking about how we would make it work and I naturally started crying. In that moment, Jordon looked at me and said, “I’m coming with you; I want to be wherever you are.” As I write this, I’m tearing up even now. Two months into our relationship and he had decided to give up everything because he knew we were worth it.

Charleston is breathtaking, but expensive. We were so young and just wanted to be close to each other, but Jordon couldn’t afford to live on his own and I promised my parents I would live in a dorm my first year of school. The best alternative was to have him move in with his older brother and sister-in-law in Florida in order to turn a 12-hour drive into a 6-hour drive. I didn’t have a car, so for the next year Jordon drove six hours there and six hours back every other week.

At this point we had been together just over a year and had spent 10 months of it maintaining a long-distance relationship as freshmen in college. Even now it seems incredible that our relationship was able to make it under those circumstances at such a young age. Instead of Jordan making the move to Charleston, I decided to transfer to a Rollins (Go Tars!) in Winter Park, Florida to be closer to Jordon.  I can truly say it was the best decision I have ever made…

5 years, 4 states, 2 degrees, and 1 engagement ring later… and it’s finally time for our forever.

unnamedhow they asked: I should preface this part of the story by saying I am impossible to surprise. Literally, impossible. But, Jordon never ceases to amaze me and with the help of my family was able to completely catch me off guard (you can see my complete shock in the photos).

My parents have a home in Sarasota, FL and Jordon and I had planned on visiting for Memorial Day Weekend t0 celebrate our five-year anniversary. On our first day there, my mom took me into my closet and showed me a new Lilly Pulitzer dress that she had purchased for me to wear to a family dinner that night (little did I know it was for our engagement!). Jordon insisted on wearing his sport coat for our dinner and my parents wanted to take photos. We went outside and began posing. After a few minutes, Jordon said, “Let’s just take one more…”

He pulled a small box out of his pocket, got down on one knee, and asked to start our forever. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even think I said, “yes” until a few minutes later because I couldn’t stop myself from hugging and kissing him. All the while my mom and dad were taking photos and crying, and I can honestly say it was the best moment of my life! The champagne was flowing, I was shaking, and we were surrounded by those who love us the most.  What more could a girl ask for?


After the proposal, I found out Jordon had planned a dinner with my extended family and we went to share our news and celebrate with loved ones.  I later learned he had been planning on asking me since Christmas when he sat my dad and brother down to ask for my hand. Jordon handled everything (with a little help from my mom and dad) from personally designing the ring to picking out a dress and asking my mom to take me to get my nails the day of (I mean seriously how did I get so lucky)!


It was the most magical night and the blessing has just begun.  I’m so lucky that I get to marry my best friend, my constant support, and my soul mate.