Kenzie and Jerome

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How We Met

Jerome and I were set up by two of our best friends. I was living in Arizona at the time and he was in California. Upon stalking Jerome’s Instagram (which of course every girl does first) my mom says to me, “Kenzie, you are going to marry this man”, and as they say… moms are always right!

In January of 2018, I took a leap of faith and flew to California to meet Jerome. Our friends set up a double date for the four of us at a sushi bar in Huntington Beach. Jerome and I had an instant connection, sparks and butterflies were everywhere, and we had an incredible start to the night. After some sushi and a few sake bombs later, we went back to Jerome’s house. Towards the end of the night, I began feeling sick to my stomach and I ended up having the flu. Embarrassed to the max, I snuck out of his house super early the next morning without even saying goodbye. Jerome took this as a cover story and thought that I wasn’t interested. Little did he know, I was head over heels!

About a month later Jerome asked me on a date, just the two of us for the first time. As we were on our way to dinner, Jerome’s car broke down in the middle of an intersection during a torrential downpour. He had to get out of the car and push us to safety. After three hours full of two AAA visits and a tow truck ride to the auto shop, we begged the driver to drop us off at a restaurant. Upon finally sitting down to enjoy our evening together, I panicked and realized I didn’t have my license with me to order a glass of wine… talk about a series of unfortunate events!

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Looking back at these moments, we laugh, reminisce, and are so grateful for the memories that ended up bringing us even closer together!

How They Asked

Jerome and I closed on our first home together the SAME day we got engaged… MIND-BLOWN! So clearly I was beyond distracted and oblivious to everything else happening around me. Both my parents and Jerome’s flew into town to “help us move” and celebrate this new chapter of our lives. Little did I know, I was about to become a fiancé this night…

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Jerome made a reservation at our favorite restaurant in Laguna Beach. Whenever we go out to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, and any special life event, Driftwood Kitchen is our spot! Jerome picked out my outfit (he secretly planned for me to wear white) and we all dressed up to celebrate the purchase of our first home, together with our families, at our favorite place!

Once we arrived at the restaurant, we were lead past the host stand to a room that overlooks the ocean. We snapped a few photos and then I saw this gorgeous bouquet of flowers with a card that had my name on it. I still had no idea what was going on at this point as the card’s message was about living together in our new home.

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We were then taken to a spot in the restaurant closest to the water, where I noticed a second stunning bouquet of flowers and another card… this is where I realized what was going on and absolutely lost it. SO MANY TEARS!

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Jerome told me to take off my heels, and then he lead me to the sand. I was so speechless and feeling so many emotions at this moment as he walked me over to this breathtaking setup. I had one last card to read and once I finished reading it, Jerome was down on one knee !!! As I screamed “YES” and wiped the tears off of my eyes, I saw my best friends and family running toward me who flew in to celebrate the best day of my life! Jerome planned the proposal of my absolute dreams and I am so blessed I get to spend the rest of my life loving him!

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Special Thanks

McCall Miller
 | Photographer
April Levins
 | Photographer