Kenzie and D.J.

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How We Met

How did we meet? We actually went to elementary, junior high, and high school together, but did not date during these years. We were good friends since junior high school. We were always in the same math class, and despite assigned seating, we were always assigned to sit right beside each other. We remained friends after high school but only talked if we ran into each other in our hometown. I texted DJ happy birthday on his 21st birthday and we never stopped talking since then. The rest is history. Pretty quickly we both realized we probably should have just been dating this entire time. We became inseparable despite going to different colleges over 80 miles apart.

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How They Asked

We are such a simple couple, and that really reflects the type of people we are. We really keep to ourselves and each other’s very best friends. ( We also are not an extremely affectionate couple, especially in person. The pictures you did for us were the first kissing/loving photos we have ever taken!) I had a feeling that DJ was going to propose to me being that we just purchased a home together and the holidays and our anniversary was coming. I begged him that if he was going to propose to me to not do it in front of anybody besides him and me, and do not have a photographer or videographer.

Our new home is our favorite place to be. We are both very into athletics. (We were so competitive with one another in high school, often comparing our stats LOL). We continue to be involved in sports whether we play in a recreational league or just by watching them on TV. The NBA playoffs were on TV and we were hanging out together watching the games. DJ got up and asked me to help crack his back. So he got up and walked to the back room and came back out, but he was standing behind our sectional. I got up to go crack his back.

As I was squeezing him, attempting to crack his back, he started hugging me, explaining to me how much he loved me and loved our life together. Then he bent over to touch his toes like he was “stretching his back”. As he was stretching he got down on one knee. Naturally, I was confused and said: “DJ get off the ground, I can’t crack your back down there!”. Before I knew it he pulled a ring box out and I thought he was kidding until he opened the box. The simplicity of how he asked in our home and comfy clothes, doing what we love most was absolutely perfect, and I could not have asked for a better scenario.

We love each other because we are each other’s best friends. We both were independent individuals growing up, never needing anybody. Until we found our way to one another and realized how much we enhanced each other’s lives. As soon as we started dating our lives changed for the better and everything fell perfectly into place. We could not imagine a life without one another, and we continue to grow each and every day together.

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Special Thanks

Hannah Ruth
 | Photographer