Kenzie and Chatham's Pre-Deployment Proposal

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How We Met: We originally met in a bar, and had enjoyed drinking and hanging out so much that we got each other’s numbers. The next week or so after, we made a date out of it at Olive Garden to get to know each other better!

We both pretty much knew we were going to marry each other the moment we sat down at Olive Garden. It was definitely love at first sight for the both of us, which I have never ever been a believer in, but you can’t help who God sends you!

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how they asked: Our proposal was definitely a huge surprise. I had no idea he was planning it, or even that all of our family and friends knew and were able to keep it a secret for almost a month. Including our photographer, Nicolette.

We were getting couples pictures done that I had wanted in case he did deploy so I had something nice to look at.

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About half way through our session Chatham and I were looking at each other as Nicolette was taking pictures and his face kind of looked really tense and nervous all the sudden and he started to grab something out of is ACU pocket. In one nice swift motion he went down on one knee. I immediately started freaking out because I couldn’t believe what was happening! It took me a minute to get the word yes out but I couldn’t have been happier!!

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Photography by Nicolette Sessin