Kenzie and Briton

Image 1 of Kenzie and Briton

How We Met

Briton and I met at our church (Wooster Grace Church) on June 4, 2017. I had been serving in the youth ministry for a year, while it was Brit’s first night. I walked over to introduce myself and see if I knew who he was. Brit and I went to the same high school but he was a senior when I was a freshman and we didn’t know each other. Turns out he was the same Briton from high school! After that night, we didn’t see each other again until we went on the same missions trip in July! For four days Briton went from a complete stranger to my best friend! God really knew what he was doing getting us both to that trip because without that trip we both would have missed out on each other!

how they asked

Briton asked me on Friday, December 22, 2017, crazy I know we had only been dating for five months when we got engaged! We had made plans to go to the Columbus Zoo on Saturday the 23rd and i was so excited. I had always wanted a very fun proposal and I kind of had a feeling it was coming that day! I even scheduled a nail appointment and a haircut for Saturday morning before we left! Friday night rolls around and I’m so focused on the fact that I thought Brit was going to propose on Saturday I didn’t even think about dressing kind of nice for our date Friday. Brit had planned a very romantic proposal! It was everything I imagined and more! We walked through the mansion and all the grounds of Stan Hywett and saw all if the beautiful lights. I noticed Brit was on his phone a lot, so I asked him about it and he was very cryptic about it. I started to get frustrated because we never keep anything from each other. Then we walked back to a part on the grounds we had just been at, it had a small village you could look over a ledge to see. Brit whispered in my way that he had my Christmas present with me. Then he gave it to me and it was this tiny book attached to a box and I didn’t think anything of it because he was going to propose tomorrow. I start reading the pages and it’s a bunch of pictures and wedding vows written in the form of a love letter. Then I got to the last page and it was the ring, then I looked at Brit and he was down on one knee and I was shocked. I was so excited for this moment and so shocked at the same time! I couldn’t say yes fast enough! He also had my best friend/photographer hideout and get pictures and then we went back to his house and our families surprised us! It was amazing!

Image 2 of Kenzie and Briton

Special Thanks

Jess Snyder
 | Photographer