Kenzie and Aaron

Image 1 of Kenzie and Aaron

How We Met: We met through Facebook, though I often used to admire him in the grocery store but never could catch his eye no matter how hard I tried. We started texting and soon went on our first date. I thought he wasn’t in to me because he didn’t kiss me till our third date! Turns out he was just a gentleman and that’s one of my favorite things about him. One of our first dates was to Opry Land Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee to see the Christmas lights! They were beautiful as always and ever since that night we were inseparable. Two years later we were going there for a date night. One of my really great friends, who also is an outstanding photographer, was doing pictures for us and two other couples we’re friends with. I didn’t suspect anything out of the ordinary because why should I, right?! When it was our turn to get our pictures done under the lights, he spun me around and in one swift move, by the time I was facing him, he was down on one knee with the ring in front of me! He said all kinds of wonderful romantic things that I honestly don’t even remember now because I was so excited! We’ve been engaged for three months now and we are planning our wedding for the summer of 2016! This man is my hero. He is my bestfriend. He makes me laugh nonstop when I’m with him. I get butterflies when I see him out unexpectedly. I am beyond blessed to be marrying someone that is such an amazing selfless person and I thank God for him every day!