Kenzi and Logan

How We Met

Logan and I met through a blind date in high school. I had previously looked him up on Facebook, but with the generic name he has, I actually looked up the wrong person. We dated for a little bit in high school where I saw what an amazing man he was and fell in love with our short relationship. We went our separate ways for some years until I reached out the summer before I left for college. I was bored one night and wanted to go swimming, so we snuck into a local neighborhood pool for a night swim. From there, we constantly texted. I left for school about 2 hours away which didn’t stop us. Logan drives 2 hours every weekend to spend the night squished in my twin-sized dorm bed. We explored my little college town together. I constantly nagged Logan about when I would get to be his girlfriend. To be honest, he didn’t know about the long-distance. Finally, after 3 months, Logan asked me to be his girlfriend written on a birthday card given to me at an Asian restaurant for my birthday, along with Oliver & Company the movie. I was sick with bronchitis and could only nod. From there, we did long distance for 4 years with the college. Through that time we’ve had many adventures to Disney, moving in together, loving our cats and growing our love for each other.

How They Asked

We had always talked about getting engaged after Logan graduated, but I guess this was not his real plan. Logan always liked to surprise me with mini-adventures to do something fun! He told me that we were going somewhere for a surprise. Since he previously had done this multiple times, I didn’t think anything of it. We went to Rock City in Chattanooga and walked the trails. He ended up making us walk the wrong way on the trail, which we got lots of looks about. We got to the lookout area called “Lover’s Leap” where you see all of Tennessee and a beautiful waterfall along the edge of the mountain. We walk up to get in line to take pictures and a lady stopped us and told us we were going the wrong way, which we knew. In all honesty, she was a little rude! But, knowing now, she had a reason.

She did offer to take our picture in front of the waterfall. Little did I know, she also took a video because she was in on the plan. She knew what was happening because my best friend was hiding up the pathway to take pictures and had told bystanders. She literally was laying on the pathway taking pictures through a hole in a brick wall. Logan and I took a picture and I started walked away thinking we got the picture done.

He pulled me in for a kiss and said: “Will you love me forever?” And my response was “Yeah?” kind of like, why are you being weird. His response was “Good because your forever is all I need,” which is lyrics in our song. He then got on his knee and pulled out the ring. I remember not being able to speak and could only nod yes. Then we hear clapping from a huge crowd watching and all of a sudden I hear my best friend screaming and running up to me. I was so overwhelmed by all of the love between seeing my best friend and now getting to marry the love of my life.

Our Video