Kenzi and Jason

How We Met

Jason and I met working at Disney World, a true fairytale! We both decided to do the Disney College Program in the Spring of 2018. I had just graduated, and he had a semester left. There were a few Facebook pages where you could post where you were working and find other people who would be in your same location, and in early January, Jason had posted in there that he was placed at Jedi Training in Hollywood Studios, the same place as me! I’d commented on his post, stating I’d be in the same location, and he added me as a friend on Facebook.

Proposal Ideas Times Square, New York City

That was it until we met during his week of training in February. I thought he was cute, but I had just gotten out of a relationship and was planning to spend my time in Disney “doing me”. Turns out, he was in the exact same boat. Fast-forward a week or so, and we ended up at the same farewell dinner for our Brazilian coworkers. They invited us all out on their party bus, which I politely declined. Jason did as well, and because he lived in my complex, I offered to drive him home. I dropped him off and said I’d see him at work the next day.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Times Square, New York City

Well, turns out he DID go out on the party bus, and I woke up to our first private message stating, “Wish me luck!”. He’d stayed out super late and had to work early the next morning, so I couldn’t wait to hear about his night. From there, we started talking via Facebook messenger until I finally got the courage to give him my number.

We started dating in the early morning hours of February 26, the same day his brother proposed to his girlfriend (later that evening). Our story moved super quick, swapping “I Love You’s” two weeks in, moving in together 5 months in, and moving states together less than a year in.

How They Asked

We drove up to visit his family in Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving and planned a day trip with them to NYC the following Saturday. At this point, I knew he had a ring and was pretty positive he’d propose in NYC, but I wasn’t prepared for the biggest surprise of my life.

We got into Times Square around 9 am, and immediately, his mom suggested we take a picture. Instead of facing the bleachers and having Times Square in the background, he wanted the bleachers behind us, which really confused me. His mom took the picture, and almost immediately, Jason turns to me and says, “You know I love you, right?”. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee asking me to spend forever with him.

He didn’t get the ring on my finger before I pulled him up to hug him. We’re both crying at this point. All of a sudden, he turns me around, and I see my sister, mom, and dad walking through Times Square videoing everything. I thought they were back home in Kentucky, so I immediately started ugly crying (you can see them in the background of the picture of him proposing!). Jason said he didn’t feel right proposing without them there and had been coordinating with them since July. We had the most magical day in NYC spent with all of the people we love most, and I cannot wait to spend forever with my real-life Prince Charming.

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