Kenyetta and Christopher

Image 1 of Kenyetta and Christopher

How We Met

Team CK1!!!!!!!! After spending several weeks in Gary, IN for the unexpected homegoing of my college BFF Christa, I headed to the gas station to fill up and head home to Tennessee for a world wind adventure to pack my life and move to Chicago; where I accepted my dream career job (only 30 miles from Gary, IN). While at the gas station, Christopher approached me and asked if he could pump my gas and of course speak with me. I explained I was leaving but would return in few weeks, to which he asked if I would like to go out on a date upon my return. From that moment, we spoke daily until my return, and then went on our first date, August 5, 2011. We are getting married on the 6 year anniversary of our first date, August 5, 2017. Thank you Christa for sending me Christopher! I love you both to pieces!

how they asked

The holiday season will never be the same! Why? Well, I received the best Christmas gift ever! Being surrounded by his mother, great aunt and sister to witness the joyous occasion, Christopher proposed to me on one knee (and being asked the 4-word question that every girl wants to hear) “Will you marry me?” Of course I said “YESSSSS!”

Image 2 of Kenyetta and Christopher

This moment will forever be special, but the cherry on top came when I found out he asked my parents for permission….2,000 miles away…all the way in California!! Apparently everyone knew but me (how dare they keep a secret from me) yet, they were anxiously waiting for my Christmas day call and news of engagement! My ring was everything I wanted, and having everyone being a part of my moment was priceless.