Kenya and Spencer

How We Met

So I have to start by saying that Spencer and I have two “how we met stories”. A meet and re-meet, if you will. We were both students at Cal State University Stanislaus, a fairly small school in the Central Valley, however, we were both born and raised in Orange County! In 2013 Spencer was in his last year of college- studying biology, and I was in my first year- studying psychology. A really good friend of mine was also a Biology major and had met Spencer through some mutual classes. Spencer and my friend began to casually talk, and my friend invited Spencer to a party at our friend’s house. When Spencer arrived, my friend gave us a brief introduction, and thought we MUST meet given the irony that we were both from the OC (most of the students at CSUS were locals given its remote location!) But silly and young 19-year-old Kenya gave Spencer no attention (Hey, I thought he was there to woe over my friend- p.s. nothing came of that!) So, life went on.

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Now, fast forward one year, Spencer was back for just the first semester to make up some classes and I was at the beginning of my second year. On October 11th, 2014 Spencer and I meet AGAIN at another (flannel themed) party. Spencer quickly approached me and said, “Hey! Remember me? I met you about a year ago. I was friends with Nicole…” I had NO idea who he was but thought “Wow, this guy is so cute how do I not remember him!?” So, I told a little white lie and told him I did. I’m glad I did because we ended up talking the whole party! Throughout the night Spencer was the absolute sweetest gentleman. He kept telling me how cute I looked in my red flannel, he’d put his arm around me, and really paid no attention to anyone but ME- I felt SO special! We ended up going back to his house with some friends and spent the entire night talking! I knew it was crazy to think/say but I told my friend that night, “Watch, I’m gonna marry this guy!”

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Come December, Spencer “officially” graduated and went back to Orange County. We spent the next 18 months battling long distance until I graduated in May 2016 in joined in back in OC.

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Spencer and I both had a super crazy and busy summer 2018, so we didn’t get to spend as much alone time together as usual. So, Spencer suggested we had a Sunday night date night. I was all for it, especially since he told me we could go to our favorite Italian restaurant in Newport Beach (Mama D’s!!) After dinner we watched the sunset, something that was pretty common for us to do after eating at Mama D’s. Spencer then asked me if I wanted to walk on the pier and watch some people surfing- he LOVES surfing so I didn’t think much of it. I sat on a bench next to a telescope as he put his quarter in the lens. He told me to come over and watch this “surfer”. I stood up and looked through the lens to find my best friends standing on the sand with big signs that read, “Kenya, Will you marry me?” I turned around and Spencer was already on one knee!

I was SHOCKED! I had been waiting for this day for almost four years and was so happy that it was finally happening! Behind him, I saw our good videographer friend walking behind him filming our proposal. Spencer had planned for this July 1st proposal for months and was so thoughtful and took so much time planning it, making sure my closest friends were there to witness it all! Just another reason why I love this man so much! I am the happiest woman on the planet and can’t wait to marry my best friend!

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