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How We Met

From the Bride — Tyler and I met at the Carolina Cup, and for those who don’t know, this is a horse race in Camden, SC! The groups of friends that Tyler and I separately attended with had plans to meet up and when they did, Tyler and I immediately hit it off! It started with us sharing looks throughout the day and took us quite a while into the day to finally spark up a conversation. When we did, we realized we were both juniors attending USC-Columbia. By the end of our conversation, I knew Tyler was a special guy and someone I wanted to get to know more! At the end of the Cup, we went our separate ways having only added each other on the app Snapchat. We watched each other’s stories and commented on each other sometimes, and I was sad thinking this would be the end of it for our story! Luckily enough, the next week was the concert put on by Darius Rucker for USC students because of a 6 win Gamecock season. Once again, Tyler and I by way of our friends were there together. We spent the entire concert dancing, singing to each other and laughing like crazy. The next week we had our first date and have quite literally been inseparable since. He is truly my best friend and favorite person to make jokes with. Those who know us, know how big of jokesters we are and we love it!

How They Asked

Our “how we met” story is so important to our “how he asked” story because this is where he chose to propose too! An important piece of back story would be that 1) my sister had recently bought a house in Camden, SC and 2) she was leaving with her fiancé on a vacation on Christmas day this past Christmas. Tyler planned this entirely without my knowledge and used events truly taking place as his cover, really making this such a wonderful surprise! Anyways, on December 23rd my sister texted our family group message to say she needed to actually do presents on Christmas Eve because they had decided to leave early Christmas morning.

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Kensly's Proposal in Carolina Cup

She said she also thought it’d be best to do them at her house (in Camden), so they can get packed up after. Tyler and I headed to her house on Christmas Eve… or so I thought! We actually went what Tyler called a “different way” only to end up at the beautiful main office area of the Carolina Cup. The house was decorated beautifully and as soon as we parked I knew what was coming! He got me out of the car and walked me over to the scenic area and proposed! My sister came out from behind a tree and had been taking pictures the entire time! It was so special!! We then went to Sam Kendall’s in Camden where both of our families were to celebrate Christmas Eve and our engagement. :)

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