Kensey and Michael

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How We Met

It was mid-July 2016. After a few months of harassment by my single best friends, I finally caved and signed up for online dating. Going about it extremely hesitant and under-enthused, I limited myself to one oddly-named dating app: Coffee Meets Bagel. Only THREE DAYS after signing up, I was matched with a “kind-eyed” Michael W. from Seattle, WA. We spent a few days texting about common interests (travel, hiking, being foodies, etc.), and discovered we had several mutual friends. Eventually, we exchanged phone numbers. Our first phone call (yes, call) lasted over 3 hours. That’s when we knew we had something special…

Our first date was long overdue, nearly a month after we met online. Highlights include cookie dough ice cream, a small community theater play, and a summer meteorite shower. Needless to say, it was inevitable that we would see each other again. It just “felt right” together.

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how they asked

Ireland was a place we both desperately wanted to go. So much so, we booked tickets together 10 months in advance. Little did I know that Michael was already planning his proposal…

We flew to Dublin in early October and met up with three of our best globetrotter friends (Brian, Caroline, and Jana). For the next four days, we toured the city as a group and had our fill of Guinness and whiskey. On the last day together, I split off to have breakfast with Jana before she flew home. After giving her a tearful hug goodbye, Michael picked me up in our rental car and we headed towards our B&B.

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In the car, Michael explained Brian and Caroline had a work dinner and would meet us later that evening. As a result, we’d have a nice dinner to ourselves. He had made reservations outside of the city, at a nicer restaurant a coworker supposedly recommended. We changed into less casual outfits, then got in the car to drive out to Sutton. As we got to the outskirts of Dublin, Michael said he’d heard about a trail nearby with a great view. “We don’t know if we’ll be here again, so might as well swing by!” I agreed half-heartedly, as it began to drizzle. We parked at the trailhead, where we were greeted by a “WARNING DANGEROUS CLIFFS” sign. We proceeded to walk down the path when Michael detoured to a plateau of rock and beckoned me over to it.

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We stood, hand in hand, overlooking the cloud-covered water. That’s when Michael pulled a letter out of his pocket and warned me, “I’m going to get a little sentimental for a moment,” and proceeded to read. At the end of his letter, he got on one knee and asked me the question I’d been praying for, “…will you marry me?” to which I replied emphatically, YES!

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After Michael put the ring on my finger, he looked up and said softly, “so… there’s one more thing.” He pulled his phone out of his pocket and opened a video. For the next few minutes, we both laughed and cried while watching friends and family congratulate us. I had no idea that Michael spent months before our trip coordinating video shoots with my brother (a videographer). The first time Michael watched the video, however, was with me. Both of our reactions were raw and real.

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Once the video ended, I turned around and saw our three friends running down the path, holding a bottle of champagne. I burst into happy tears again—our friends were all still here! We exchanged hugs and minor punches. I still can’t believe they were in on the surprise!

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As we sipped champagne, Brian asked if we should offer some to the photographer. Photographer? There’s a photographer? Just then, a woman came forward holding up her camera. For months, Michael had been collaborating with Johanna King, a local Dublin photographer he discovered online. She had been providing him with local tips on where to propose, and even ran a rehearsal shoot that morning! I was floored that Michael went to all this effort. I am so grateful we captured this moment in pictures to share with friends and family back home.

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I’ll forever treasure the Cliffs of Sutton, and can’t believe the amount of time, planning, and thought that went into this proposal. I am so blessed to marry such an incredible man!

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Special Thanks

Johanna King
 | Photographer
Joshua Burdick
 | Videographer