Kennedy and Charles

How We Met

So once upon a time, I had a crush on a girl. Her name was Kennedy. We went to the same college and met at a concert. I thought she was gorgeous. She thought I was awkward. Then I turned on the charm.

She still wasn’t having it.

After two years of failed attempts to win her over, I gave up. We were still good friends and we went on a trip to New York City together with some friends and adventured throughout the city. I don’t know what changed her mind but about a week later, we had our first date on her birthday.

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how they asked

After three years of dating, we both knew that it was time to get married. My best friend is the manager of our favorite coffee shop. I talked to a local pottery store to see if they could make a similar mug to the coffee shops with “marry me?” at the bottom. I had my best friend plant it at the coffee shop the morning of the proposal. She had a very good idea that I would be proposing that day and I had told her that we were going hiking later.

We stopped by the coffee shop and we got coffee before we left for our hike. We sat out on their patio talking about life, our future move to South Carolina, and our families. We sipped slowly and just chatted. She took one last sip, looked at the bottom of the cup and tilted her head slightly. She turned to look at me as I went down on one knee.

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She said yes and we never went hiking.

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Special Thanks

Jacob Hazlett
 | Four Kids Coffee