Kennedy and Tenny

How We Met

When I was a sophomore in high school, there was a senior boy that caught my eye, but our paths never crossed while we were in school together because we was a typical senior jock while I was a typical underclassmen nerd. Fast forward one year to his freshman year of college and my junior year of high school: a mutual friend connected the two of us via Twitter. It took less than a week of online interaction for us to decide to go on our first date.

One week after that first date on December 10, 2011, we officially became a couple. This new relationship was greeted with plenty of doubt from outsiders in regards to the effect this college boy would have on an unsuspecting, study-focused, 17-year-old, but I’ve always been one to trust my own instincts.

6 years later, we’re nearly inseparable best friends, so I’d say my instincts were right again. We finished my high school career together, completed college together, and started careers together – we made it through most of the first-quarter of life’s milestones together.

how they asked

For our 6-year anniversary, we planned to visit the Festival of Lights at Oglebay Resort in Wheeling, WV. We’ve made this trip before, so it seemed like a normal evening. When we made it to the end of the driving tour where you are typically supposed to loop back around to leave, he turned into a parking lot and stopped. I thought maybe he had seen a display he really liked and wanted to stop for pictures, or perhaps he wanted to run into the nearby golf club for something to eat. Naturally, being the inquisitive individual that I am, I questioned him relentlessly about why we were stopped until the poor guy was too nervous to form a proper answer, rambled off something about checking fantasy football scores, and drove back onto the light tour path. That was when I knew what was happening. We were going 6 m.p.h. during the tour; he had been checking his fantasy scores the entire way through the loop without stopping to focus on them, so he wouldn’t randomly park the car to check them now. Once we were back on the path, he decided that we should go back down a road that we had previously skipped because it looked like there could be more lights down there. He was right; the Pine Room was beautifully decorated. We checked out the building, inside and out, and then I assumed that we were ready to leave. I thought I must have been wrong about the proposal happening tonight and started to make my way back to the car when he decided to announce, “alright, I’m going to try this.”

The next few minutes were a whirlwind. He told me the things he loved about me and about our relationship and that he hoped to spend many more anniversaries with me, then he got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Of course I said yes! As we were celebrating and admiring our shiny new token of forever, another couple passing by was kind enough to offer to take our pictures, so now we have a photographic keepsake of the night. It’s frequently hard to remember that good people still exist in this world, but today I am grateful for the impromptu volunteer photographer and of course, my lovely new fiancé.

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