Kennedy and Spencer

How We Met

Spencer and I met in 2013 through mutual friends as a freshman at the University of Missouri. Through social media and casually running into each other at bars with friends, we loosely stayed in touch over the years. After college, in September of 2017, I moved to Kansas City, Missouri to begin a new job. Spencer had moved up to Kansas City a few months before also for work. Spencer reached out over Instagram after I had announced that I was moving up to Kansas City where only a few messages were exchanged ending with an agreement that when I got moved up we would get a group of our mutual friends together to go out.

Sure enough, my first weekend in my new city I went with one of those mutual friends out to the bars where Spencer also was. We spent the whole night catching up, getting to know each other, me casually passing off all the Vodka RedBull’s he was buying me to other friends as I didn’t have the heart to tell him I hated Vodka…and RedBull, but most importantly, the night ended with a kiss and the rest is history!

How They Asked

The week before the proposal Spencer asked if I could take off work the following Friday. He said it was supposed to be a beautiful day and that we should use it to do a few things around the city we’ve been wanting to do. I was no fool though. I knew exactly why he wanted me to take the day off, but the thought of a day full of surprises and plans that I didn’t plan myself was completely and totally nerve-racking (I am the planner in this relationship).

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Kansas City, MO

Thursday night rolled around and Spencer let me know our French Bulldog, Sawyer, would be heading off to Grandma’s house until Saturday. In my head, I assumed this was simply for the convenience of not having to plan our day around his routine, but little did I know the full-day of activities ahead of me!

Friday morning was here and Spencer told me were going to walk over to The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art just a couple blocks down from our apartment. It was a beautiful day out and it felt great to be out and about together. Arriving at the museum, we decided to grab a bite to eat and a little wine at the interior courtyard restaurant inside the museum.

We spent an hour or two wandering around the museum checking out what all it had to offer when Spencer informed me we needed to be back to the house by 1:30. On our walk back, I noticed Spencer began walking slower and slower and looking at sculptures a little too long… As we turned the corner onto a beautiful pathway, Spencer turned to me and said: “Kennedy, from the moment…” And then a wave of absentmindedness hit both of us as we have no idea what either of us said, but I am confident I did say yes!

Following the proposal, there were many calls, FaceTimes, text messages, and happy tears. Many, many happy tears. But the surprises were not over! Spencer told me I needed to pack an overnight bag right away as we were going to be staying the night at The Fontaine on the Country Club Plaza, but not to worry about an outfit because we would be going shopping for a new dress for me to wear to dinner.

Fast forward through checking into our beautiful room and two new dresses later, it was time to head off to Eddie V’s Prime Seafood for dinner where they did everything they could to make the evening as special as possible from rose petals scattered over the table, to flowing champagne and oysters on the house. After dinner, we headed to The Monarch Bar for a few cocktails before ending the night with an assortment of desserts from the hotel’s late night room service followed by waking up Saturday morning to breakfast in bed. With a few more relaxing moments to ourselves, both sides of our families were on their way to the city to celebrate our engagement.

Spencer always makes me feel special, but on 03/22/2019 I felt like the most special girl in the world!

Special Thanks