Kennedy and Dawson

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How We Met

Dawson and I met in January of 2018 in an Internship at our church! At the beginning of the Internship, there is a week of team building and in our first activity, I knew Dawson was for me. He was a leader but never had to talk the loudest or put anyone down for everyone to know. Dawson was voted to be our first team captain and he was SHOCKED. That explains Dawson to a T! He is always thinking of others, loves to serve people, and is the easiest person to follow. He is trusting and loyal and I thought he was the most handsome man I have ever seen!

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In the first 6 months of knowing each other, we worked together every day. We worked in the same department at the church and built the best friendship. Dawson taught me how to work hard and be more disciplined and I helped him have a little more fun! We were the perfect match for each other and it became more obvious the more we got to know each other.

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In the Internship, we were not allowed to date so Dawson and I didn’t become official until December 20, 2018. Having to wait to date was so great for us, we continued to build our friendship, and looking back we are so thankful for that time that we wanted to be together but kept working on ourselves.

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We finally started dating, and we were inseparable! We did, and still do, everything together! I don’t like doing anything alone and Dawson’s love language is quality time so we’re perfect together. We’re both very active, love being healthy, and love sports! We connected over our love for the St. Louis Cardinals and working out. Our favorite date would be catching a Cards baseball game and going to a country concert! Our life mission is to live the most fun life and we know that the way to do that is together!

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How They Asked

Our engagement story starts way before the day we got engaged on August 7th! Dawson met with my dad, mom, sister, and sister-in-law weeks before we got engaged. They talked about all the details of the engagement and tried to lock Dawson down on an idea! He finally decided that he wanted to propose at a place special to us and to our family. My brother and sister-in-law own a 2,000-acre ranch out in the middle of nowhere, Oklahoma! It is so beautiful and special for my family.

Before I continue, I feel like I have to explain my personality so you don’t think I am completely crazy. I am a talker, I have never met a stranger, and I LOVE any kind of party. I never want to spend a night at home, unless I’m hosting a party there! I love doing things and being around people. I am an extrovert to the max and an enneagram 7. Keeping surprises and secrets from me is not Dawson’s favorite thing to do. I will ask every question, try to plan things, and pretty much drive Dawson crazy! He was so smart and planned out the engagement night way in advance and had our “plans” for that night planned in advance with me! I thought we were going out to the Ranch to have dinner with my brother and his family. They had invited us to dinner the weekend before and we couldn’t make it so Dawson knew I was not going to let my nieces and nephew down and say we couldn’t again. My brother even texted Dawson and me a video of my niece and nephew asked us to come to dinner!

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I was so excited for dinner! The plan was that my sister-in-law, Cassidi, was going to pick me up from my apartment and we would drive out to the Ranch together. The boys, Dawson and my brother, would drive out together after work. I had NO IDEA. I even texted Cassi what I should wear and if I should bring any food to contribute to dinner.

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I had no makeup on (if you know me, if I knew I was getting engaged, I would have definitely had makeup on!) and I was wearing a black t-shirt with jean shorts. I had my hot pink phone in my back pocket and sunglasses on top of my head! Dawson met us outside the house and told me that the babies were waiting in the back. Looking back, Dawson seemed nervous and was really wanting me to go to the back!

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He led me to the back and there was a path of white rose petals and my heart stopped!

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I saw the rose petals but didn’t fully understand what was happening until I saw the photographer (Shoutout to my bestie Choyce!!) and the videographer (Shoutout to the best, Josh Morris!) and then it all hit me!

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You can tell in the photos when I realized it was happening because I started to nervously mess with my hair and my heart felt like it fell straight into my stomach!

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The feeling that I felt when I realized the love of my life was going to ask me to marry him is something that I can’t put into words. The only word that comes even close is joy. I was so insanely happy and flooded with love that I didn’t even know what to do. Dawson was holding my hand and practically dragging me down the pathway because I could barely think to put one foot in front of the other.

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Once we got to the end of the path, he turned to me and I wish I could remember what he said but all I was thinking about was how much I loved him and how excited I was! I can’t wait to watch the video back to hear what he said!

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Image 13 of Kennedy and Dawson

Dawson finally asked “Will you marry me?” and all I could do was kiss him!

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After our kiss, he said “So is that a yes?” and I said “YES!”

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He put the ring on my finger and my hand was shaking so bad that it took a second to get it on!

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Once he finally got it on, it took my breath away! It was perfect and better than I could have ever imagined.

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My family ran out of the back door of the Ranch and I was so shocked because my sister had flown in from Philadelphia and I had no idea she was in town! It was the best surprise! Family is everything to us so the joy I felt when I saw them all was incredible.

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My mom had planned an engagement party for that night and it was the perfect way to end the best day! They brought me 7 different white dresses to try on for the party, monogrammed cowboy boots, and “Willis” cowboy hats!

We were so celebrated and felt like we were on cloud 9! August 7th, 2020 was the best day ever!

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Special Thanks

Choyce Janeill Schmitz
 | Photographer
Josh Morris
 | Videographer