Kennady and Kieran

Where to Propose in Blairsville Georgia Christmas Tree farm

How We Met

Kieran and I met 2 years ago through Instagram. Kieran is a well known professional standup paddleboard surfer. He was born deaf and cannot hear when he doesn’t have his cochlear implant on, so when he’s in the water, it is completely silent for him. That is why they call him the “Silent Surfer”. We found each other through one of his old sponsors. He was one of their team riders and I was one of their models. We knew of each other and were following each other on Instagram 3 years before we actually met. A little over 2 years ago, Kieran messaged me on Instagram saying he really wanted to meet me and asked me on a date. When we first met for lunch, I knew very little of him being deaf, and I had never heard him talk before. I thought he was Australian, when I first heard him talk. He went to a special school when he was little to learn how to talk and read lips, so he doesn’t know how to sign at all. I thought it was pretty amazing and never let that bother me getting to know him. After lunch, I watched him at one of his paddleboard races, went to dinner, and then we went and saw a movie. We couldn’t get enough of each other that day and still can’t!

how they asked

2 years ago, I invited Kieran to go to Georgia with my family and I. We went to this beautiful christmas tree farm up there and cut down a tree. 2 years later (this year) we went to that same christmas tree farm and Kieran proposed. He said it was where he first new he loved me and wanted to be with me for the rest of his life. His family and my family were there taking pictures and videos. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Blairsville Georgia Christmas Tree farm