Kenna and Travis

Proposal Ideas Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

How We Met

Travis and I met in 2015 at a Beer Carnival in Atlanta, Ga. I was the designated driver because, at the time, I did not like beer. When we first saw each other, our eyes locked, and we introduced ourselves. The whole day, we were inseparable, and it is one of the few days of my life I could tell you every detail. I found out that day that he was just as much a child at heart as I was, and was giddy at how much fun we had, even though we just met.

The above photo is us after I did the “fish flop” and won a monocle, which I still have to this day!

How They Asked

Travis knows how much I love the ocean, and I had just recently got my scuba certification for our trip to Punta Cana. While we were there, we had a scuba diving excursion with a few friends. Travis had on this waterproof fanny pack, and I told him he didn’t need it, but he insisted that he needed to take some “go-pro mounts” with him. Little did I know, this is where he was hiding the treasure chest! We were underwater for about 15 minutes when the dive guide asked for my go-pro so he could take a picture of us (I assumed). When I saw him take out the treasure chest, I couldn’t believe it! I looked at our friends, then down at him and he gestured for me to come, open it. I knew what was happening at this point, but was not ready for what I saw when I opened the treasure chest. It was the most beautiful ring ever! I gestured yes, and couldn’t contain my excitement as I screamed underwater. He got down on 1 knee and placed the ring on my finger, all while underwater. I couldn’t believe how awesome and lucky I was to love such an amazing man, who is now my fiancé!!!

Our Video

Special Thanks

Christina Disco
 | Planning
Bávaro Splash
 | Videographer