Kenna and John Austin

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How We Met

John Austin and I first saw each other at a Chipotle near our college campus, where I was still going to school and he had recently graduated from. I was having dinner with my friends there and he was having dinner with a friend, so I just smiled at him and went on with my day. A few weeks later I see a friend request on Facebook from the cute guy at Chipotle. My sorority had a date dash coming up, so I messaged him and asked him about it, he said yes and then he asked me if I would like to go on a date with him a few weeks before that!

How They Asked

John Austin and I had both planned to meet at my family’s ranch that weekend. My mom told me and my sister-in-law that we were going shopping all day Saturday (the day of the proposal). My sister-in-law took her time looking at everything in the shops so that John Austin and my brother and dad could set up for the proposal. That night, my mom told everyone that we would be going to a steakhouse and two-stepping afterward, so I had on a dress and boots!

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While we were waiting on my sister-in-law to “get ready”, John Austin and my brother said, “Hey, let’s go on a walk!” I thought they were crazy because we had just gotten ready to go to a nice dinner! I told them no at first but eventually started walking with them, only to have my brother say he “needed to charge his phone” and went back in the house, so it was just John Austin and I on the walk. He handed me a letter which happened to be the first letter he wrote to me after telling me he loved me early on in our relationship.

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Once we got to the proposal site, my jaw dropped as I realized what was happening! He had pictures hung of us on a swing that we would always have talks on while we were dating. Before he got down on one knee, he read me the last letter out of twenty letters he wrote to me that he kept private from me throughout our relationship.

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At the end of the letter, he asked me to marry him! After I said yes, he surprised me with my family’s barn full of all of our closest family and friends! We spent the evening eating Chipotle and two-stepping the night away 😊

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