Kenna and Caden

How We Met

We met when we were juniors in high school at an end of school party through mutual friends. There was instant chemistry and we went on our first date just a couple of weeks after that. We are both total dorks, so it worked out great.

Image 1 of Kenna and Caden

Image 2 of Kenna and Caden

how they asked

Caden came with my family to Hawaii for a vacation, and one day we all decided to hike to Manoa Falls, which is this ridiculously beautiful hike that ends with a waterfall. We’re both major hikers, so it was already the perfect set up. Little did I know, he had picked out the perfect ring about a month before, pretty much my dream ring, and he had my entire family in on his plan. When we got to the falls we were all standing around talking about how beautiful it was and taking pictures of it when my sister came up to me and said “you and Caden need to get a picture together!” So of course I hopped up on a rock at the base of the falls to take a picture. When he got up next to me he immediately pointed and said “oh, look how pretty those flowers are!” I looked over at them (they were very pretty) and when I turned back, there he was, kneeling on one knee with the ring in his hand and asked me if I would marry him. I was so surprised and excited that I think I just sat there with my mouth open for a few seconds before I answered him. It all happened so fast that I’m sure I said something dumb along with it too.

Image 3 of Kenna and Caden

It was such a special moment to share with him there at the waterfall and with my whole family there to see it too. It also added to the moment that we were all exceptionally sweaty and ragged looking from the humidity, but it was absolutely the perfect moment and a moment I will never forget as long as I live, that’s for sure!

Image 4 of Kenna and Caden