Kenedy and Andrew

How We Met

Andrew and I met in high school. We were two grades apart, but we had one class together. Andrew constantly flirted with me and I was totally oblivious to what he was doing the entire year! He graduated that year and I continued through high school not thinking I would ever see him again. But, fast forward two years after we both graduated and we saw each other at our college. Andrew and I ended up going to a party together and really hit it off. The following week he asked one of my close friends if I was seeing anybody and if she would give me his number. I sent him a Snapchat later that day and we couldn’t stop talking. Andrew and I have been together for five years now. I still can’t believe it’s been that long. He still gives me butterflies when I see him.

How They Asked

My sister, Kelsey, and her family are in the military and they recently moved to Okinawa, Japan. We decided that we would go, visit them one summer. Andrew and I were super excited to go see them so we did it as soon as possible. I always told Andrew that I would love for my family to be involved in the proposal and he listened. On the first weekend of our vacation, we went to a resort. The first night we were at the resort Kelsey hid the ring in her purse and hid her purse under the curtains to make sure I didn’t find it. The second day at the resort was so beautiful! We spend the entire day at the beach, BBQing, and playing with our niece and nephew. I remember throughout the day he was humming this song from the Lion King. I thought it was odd but apparently that was his way of decreasing his stress of what he was planning to do later that day. The entire family got terrible sunburns that day so it was difficult to get ready for dinner. I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt and Andrew was pretty fancy for his style. He asked me, “Don’t you want to wear one of those romper things?” I remember thinking why do I need to dress up for this restaurant? I ended up changing but not into a romper which I regret now.

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Kelsey, Andrew, the kids and I went to a quick store to stock up on drinks and snacks for the night. Meanwhile, Andrew’s humming was getting louder and more frequent. My niece and I took a short nap after the quick shop. While we were taking a nap Andrew went to the restaurant where my brother-in-law, Austin, was and he practiced the proposal together. M We came to the restaurant a little while later and Kelsey was like let’s go take some pictures over by the ocean. Andrew isn’t a PDA person and while we were walking up to the pier he held my hand and gave me a kiss in between humming secessions. We got up to this pier and after Andrew and I were done taking our pictures I started to walk away and I grabbed my phone from Austin and started to look at the pictures. Meanwhile, Austin and Kelsey were still recording but acting like nothing was going on.

Kenedy's Proposal in Okinawa, Japan

Andrew said come over here and take some more pictures. I walked over to the edge and was about to take a couple of pictures of the ocean and I could see out of the corner of my eye that he grabbed something out of his pocket and was starting to lean down. I started to shake so hard I almost dropped my phone in the ocean! I immediately burst into tears! He said, “Kenedy will you marry me?” I almost couldn’t get “Yes!” out of my mouth I was so excited! I could hear my niece say, “what happened to Ken?” Austin was like, “she’s going to get married!” The ring was PERFECT! It was exactly as I wanted and it was even better that he picked it out all by himself! I am beyond excited to marry the man of my dreams. I can’t wait to call him my husband.

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