Kendyll and Michael

How We Met

In 2014 Michael was a sophomore in College at the Citadel. His limited free time throughout undergrad was spent attempting to relax and spend time with his friends. Through these friendships, Michael would find himself a temporary gamecock fan. After meeting a number of people at Memorial Lot (a popular tailgate spot at Carolina Football games) hindsight would show that one of these brief interactions was with his future wife (he would not remember the following morning).

Kendyll, a soon to be Carolina student, also found herself at that same tailgate spot. Circumstance would show their mutual friends which would lead to Kendyll and Michael spending more and more time together—developing a friendship.

how they asked

Around Thanksgiving of 2016, Michael was ready to pick out a ring. After a period of time searching, he had bought an engagement ring and wedding band. He had started planning the proposal. Shortly after this purchase and planning, Michael’s grandfather passed away.

It was not until after his passing that Michael would learn that his Grandfather and Grandmother both wanted Michael to pass down their wedding ring for Michael to give to Kendyll. Michael removed the center stone from the ring he was given and had it set in another band for the new family heirloom to rest in. A new center stone was placed in his Grandmothers original band, which she continues to wear today.