Kendra and Wayne

Where to Propose in At our Church after Worship

How We Met

We met through family members in 2008. We saw each other at various holidays and family events throughout the years but never got to know each other outside of those times until 2014. At the end of that year Kendra was attending The Aveda Institute Phoenix and temporarily living with Wayne’s sister Kelsey. We ran into each other after not seeing one another for almost two years in passing at her house. This prompted a Facebook friend request from Wayne to Kendra and a few weeks later a “Happy Birthday” message from Wayne to Kendra in January of 2015. The messages never really stopped after that. We went on our first date on Valentine’s Day of 2015 and Wayne asked Kendra to be his girlfriend at Devil’s Bridge Sedona on March 8th, 2015. We have been together ever since. :) In the last two years we have grown together in our own relationship and in our relationship with God. We have come to serve in worship together at Teen Challenge Christian Life Ranch and are working on a ministry of our own we hope to launch shortly after the Wedding. We thoroughly believe that our relationship is God’s plan and that it will continue to grow in His timing with His guidance.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At our Church after Worship

how they asked

Kendra’s Perspective: On our two year anniversary March 8th, 2017 Wayne and I’s only plans were to go to chapel, play in worship and then celebrate later that weekend. This was typical because our anniversary fell on a Wednesday this year and we usually spend our Wednesdays playing worship at Teen Challenge with myself on the piano and Wayne either on drums or occasionally singing. Wayne had told me he was asked to give the message that night by Pastor Rick Casto. This wasn’t unusual either so I didn’t think twice. Then I was told that Wayne’s roommate’s son who is 17 had a senior media project he would be recording the service for. Again, not unusual. He had projects in the past we had assisted on or heard about.

So Wednesday rolls around and I drive to chapel to meet for band practice before service. There are about 5 video cameras set up, a go pro behind the drum set, and another two cameras for photos. This seemed a little extreme to me for a simple high school project but I let it go and again didn’t really think about it… until Wayne left the room and came back in a suit. “Why are you wearing a suit?” “Because they’re recording” “uuuuuhhhh ok” This WAS unusual. And the only explanation I could come up with was that he was nervous to speak that evening. Wayne had invited his parents as well as my Father to hear him give the message. So I just figured he wanted to impress my dad and get a little dressed up for service. We get through all of worship and as I’m coming off the stage to sit for service I hear Rick on the mic asking Wayne and I to stay up there to “do things a little differently tonight”. In my head I’m thinking, great, Rick wants to embarrass us or have us do a song or speak or something silly because it’s our anniversary. Before I know what’s happening I’m center stage and Rick is playing Wayne and I’s song on guitar, “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran.

The next thing know I hear Wayne singing along and I’m turned to face a slideshow of pictures of Wayne and I. The slide show has some lettering on there saying that I told Wayne years back if we were to marry he needed my dad’s blessing (true) and so Wayne decided to ask a few more people for their blessings. Following these words are clips of people I know and love, family and friends, all giving the camera thumbs up and saying yes! I’m so overwhelmed and still not totally positive I know what’s going on but I start to cry (of course). The clips end and Wayne looks me straight in the face, tells me he’s madly in love with me and gets down on one knee. “Will you marry me?” “YES OF COURSE” (more tears).

After all the commotion has died down, our mentor couple and pastors prayed for us with the church. At this point they had me so convinced I thought Wayne would still be giving the word that evening and Ben had a project to turn in the next day. Nope. Neither. HA! To be honest I have no idea what the message was that night I just kept staring at my beautiful ring and staring at my handsome man and thanking God for my many many blessings and every moment that led up to that one. Well done Mr. Warner. Well done. THE END hehe

Wayne’s Perspective: It was about September of 2016 when I started getting ideas and visions for how I wanted the proposal to look like. At that point all I knew was that I wanted to be on-stage, with her in front of people while our song was being played live. I had no idea how I was going to make that happen. Kendra and I started playing for the worship band at the Christian Life Ranch and that’s when I realized I was going to be able to have us both on stage, with instruments and her being none the wiser. The question then became “when”? So if you know Kendra at all, dates are very significant to her. She remembers birthdays, anniversaries and even days when I apparently said things I don’t even remember saying. This meant that it would mean an awful lot to her if our proposal date was another date of significance. I looked on the calendar and sure enough our two year anniversary was going to fall on aWednesday night; and her and I would be sharing the stage at the church. Perfect.

So now I had a venue, musicians, occasion, and the element of surprise all working on my side and March 8th was quickly approaching. I had a custom ring designed that had a slight resemblance to the hundreds of Pinterest pics she had shown me during our two years together; still remained quite unique. I wasn’t nervous until the evening before the day of the proposal although it seemed like everyone wanted me to be. I got questions and texts all day that day asking me if I was. When she showed up early to chapel we were still setting up the cameras. I told her I was preaching and that I wanted to get it on film. It didn’t seem like she knew anything was going on until I walked out in a suit. I told her I wanted to look good for the cameras and I wanted her dad to be impressed (both statements were true). We played a full set of worship and I felt great; until the last song completed and I had a little trouble breathing. I turned on the go-pro we had set up and walked to the microphone as my pastor started to play our song, and I sang. I was nervous but I felt great, Kendra started to cry almost immediately. While I was singing we played a video of some of our closest friends and family giving their approval of our betrothal. Towards the end of the song I got down on one knee, opened the little box and asked Kendra to be my wife. She said yes.

Our Video

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Special Thanks

Kristen Hennke
She is our wedding photographer and took the attached engagement photos
Jessica Honea
She did our anniversary photo shoot in February 2017 (the first photo posted)
Josh McLeod | 
Wayne's friend, edited our proposal video and created the finished product for us (the youtube link)