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How we met – by the bride

Technically we met in high school through Thomas’ cousin Lindsey who I was close friends with. But we didn’t say much to each other besides pleasantries because Thomas was super shy back then. Thinking back to those lunch periods where we stood next to each other staring at our feet until Lindsey arrived cracks me up. I would have never imagined that shy kid would be my future husband!

During winter break of our freshman year of college, I threw a party to send off a close friend of mine when she left for Uganda, Africa for a volunteering gap year excursion. Thomas came over with a group of mutual friends. I had a lot of friends that were musicians and they improvised a small jam session in my room where my acoustic guitar was. Thomas spent a lot of the night hanging out in my room playing my guitar as people filed in and out.

It was there, in my room, that I started talking to him. He was very sweet and we discovered that we listened to a lot of the same music. There was an instant spark between us that made me wonder why we hadn’t talked before. I told him that I was interested in learning how to play the guitar (my background was in orchestra; viola and bass). I gave him my number and told him to let me know when he would be free to do a lesson.

After Thomas left the party, a few of his close friends approached me having seen us together during the night. They all told me how wonderful, kind, and funny he is and how I should go out with him! About an hour after he left, he texted me “:)”. At that point I responded rather directly that I thought he was cute and that we should go out. We made plans to watch a movie together two nights later. After the movie, we drove up a mountain in Tucson that overlooked the city, talked until the sun came up, and had our first kiss. We have been together ever since!

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how they asked – by the groom

After 10 years together, I knew that when I asked Kendra to marry me I wanted it to be something memorable and special. Music has been a huge part of our relationship since we first met so many years ago. We began playing in a band together shortly after we started dating and have continued playing music together after we moved to New York 5 years ago from Arizona. So when our band Golden Alphabet was asked to play a gig on Valentine’s Day for an event put on by Paradisus Resorts, I thought that would be a great time to do it. After planning with the production company who was putting on the event, it turned into something much more than I could have imagined. They helped me turn the entire proposal into a huge production. We were able to film Kendra and I hanging out at our favorite places in Brooklyn and shot interviews with both of us, all the while Kendra thought it was a video about couples who were in bands together. She had no idea!

The big day came and it just so happened to be the coldest Valentine’s Day in NYC in the past 100 years! While Kendra was probably thinking “Why are we playing a gig at Union Square in Manhattan on Valentine’s Day in 3 degree weather?”, I was preparing to pop the question in the middle of our set. We started playing and quickly the entire band starts losing the feeling in our fingers. Luckily for the band, I only planned on playing a few songs before taking a knee.

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We played a song I wrote for Kendra years ago and right after I said that I had a surprise. On the coldest day I can imagine, I looked up at Kendra holding her pink bass guitar with a confused look on her face and asked her to marry me.

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She said yes! I then presented her with a beautiful diamond ring by Ritani. After a huge applause and being bombarded with balloons by a group of friends, a spokesperson from Paradisus surprised us on the stage by presenting us with a free, all expenses paid, honeymoon at one of their resorts.

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It was surreal and so amazing. My relationship with Kendra has always been so closely tied to music, and it was fantastic that we were able to integrate a musical performance with her in the proposal. I love her so very much and I am happy that I was able to give her just a small representation of what she means to me.

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