Kendra and Reggie

How We Met

It was the summer of 2010 and I had just finished grad school at Purdue University. I was preparing for my big move to DC to start my new job. I got an email saying that someone named Reginald Barnes would be in charge of finding a moving company to get me to DC. The movers called and told me they would be there in two weeks…which was perfect because I had to be out of my apartment in two weeks.

3 days before the movers were scheduled to come they called and said they were overbooked and wouldn’t be able to come get me until the 2nd week of June. This was not going to work! I had to be out of my apartment by the last day of May. So I called this Reginald Barnes person to see if he could help. His voicemail message said that he was away on training for two weeks and to call another person for further assistance…I called that person and they were also out of the office…so I called the name they left on their voicemail…

I finally got an answer. I asked the lady if she could please help me with the moving dilemma…she then proceeded to go off on me about how this was not her problem. I said thank you, we got off of the phone…I called the moving company and handled it myself.

The movers came as scheduled and I got to DC on June 1. I emailed Mr. Barnes and told him to disregard any email or phone messages I had left because the problem was resolved. He emailed me back saying we needed to meet to discuss the move.

We met at the cafeteria for a lunch meeting. I had no idea what “Mr. Barnes” looked like but I found him and after a quick glance at the selection in the cafeteria…yuck!…we decided to go to Potbelly’s instead. He then proceeded to tell me that his co-worker that I talked to on the phone filed a complaint on me saying that I cursed her out! I just KNEW I had to be on some hidden camera show or something. I would never do something like that! (needless to say..that employee no longer works for the company)

After talking about the work issue, Reggie and I realized we had a few mutual friends and a lot of things in common. We parted ways and a few months later Reggie began a new job at a different agency. We saw each other at a laser tag event that Reggie put together in August and then we didn’t see each other again until Thanksgiving at a friend’s house. We met up in December to compare notes so that he could fill me in on what I missed at the Young Adult service at church. We had a GREAT conversation. I didn’t want to leave his presence…there was just something about him that made my heart smile. At the end of our date I was thinking…”Can I get a refill?!” …like the Elle Varner song :)

how they asked

Two of my best friends and I planned a girls weekend and had tickets to the Jagged Edge and Jon B concert at the Howard Theatre. We were so excited to get all “dolled up” and jam to some old school music! The three of us were at the concert having a blast jamming to their famous song “Let’s get Married” when all of a sudden… I heard one of the members of Jagged Edge say something that sounded like: “Reginald is about to come out on stage in a minute”…and I was thinking…wait…that’s my boyfriends name. Weird.

Then the security guard comes to our table, grabs my hand and leads me to the stage. As we are walking I look up and see a very handsome man on stage…WAIT… that’s my boyfriend!!!

My heart is now beating a million times per second as Reggie and one of the members of Jagged Edge pull me up on stage. They lead me to the middle of the stage, Reggie gets down on one knee and asks me to marry him! I said yes! The crowd cheers (or at least that’s what my friends told me…I don’t remember much from this point on…I think I was somewhere in a cloud…(Cloud 9 to be specific).

That’s not it- Jagged Edge asked us to stay on stage while they dedicate their song “Promise” to us. We stayed on stage and slow danced to the song then walked back to our table where a bottle of champagne was awaiting us.

The love of my life got on stage in front of hundreds of people and professed his love to me. It was perfect.

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