Kendra and Nick

Image 2 of Kendra and NickHow we met: We were both college athletes, he played football and I played volleyball. Each week night we had athlete study tables where we really just goofed off until we could leave or messed around on the internet. Nick and I met and would AIM instant message each other from across the room. I quickly learned he was smart and he became my math tutor. We were good friends for three years before we finally began dating our senior year of college.

how they asked: Well, we had looked at rings a few times and I knew it was coming eventually. We had recently been on vacation in the Dominican Republic and I totally thought it was going to happen there (and was a little disappointed when it didn’t) but Nick assured me that it would eventually happen. I love animals and had been talking about zoo lights and I randomly had a Saturday off so we decided to go. (I never have Saturdays off and it was during a peak period for us at work… I found out later that my boss knew and gave me the day off on purpose)

Being right before Christmas, Nick and I start the day off shopping and he told me I should get my nails done. I instantly became suspicious and texted my sister to ask her if she knew anything, she is the worst at keeping secrets, but she played it off like a champ. She would have known because Nick had mentioned that he wanted my family there to celebrate with us. She mentioned a Christmas party at her in-laws and my parents watching her kids so I shook the thought of engagement off. Nick’s sister and brother-in-law met us at the house a bit later and off to zoo lights we went.

It was freezing, raining and pretty nasty out so I began regretting even going to the zoo AND to top it off Nick was driving me crazy because he didn’t want to stop and look at any of the animals. We checked out some lights and some polar bears and then headed to the Living Coast building. Once we got to the penguins I began fidgeting with my camera trying to get a good picture or two but it was dark and nothing was turning out.

Nick asked if we could get a picture together since we probably couldn’t outside due to the rain. He practically pried the camera out of my hands and handed it off to his sister, I smiled for a pic and then he grabbed my hands all nervously slipped me a kiss, and started saying something… next thing I know he was on his knee asking me to marry him (I asked him later and he had said ‘just like these penguins find their one true love, so have I. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me’) What makes it even sweeter was he had given me a pebble over a year ago and told me to keep it because penguins give pebbles to their one true love and he wanted me to have it. I keep the pebble on my nightstand so it was only appropriate for him to follow the proposal with ‘I’ve already given you a pebble… now its about time I got you a rock’…. to add to everything once I turned around my mom, dad, sisters and brother-in-law were there along with Nick’s parents. They had been hiding in a bat cave and they all popped out of the background to congratulate us. My family lives over two hours away so it was quite the surprise. My sister even kept a secret. We ended the night at dinner celebrating with our families.

Image 1 of Kendra and Nick