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how they asked

Coming up on 3 years of dating, I had a sneaky suspicion Kevin may propose soon but figured it wouldn’t be until our anniversary or maybe for Valentine’s Day (which was still a few weeks away). My best friend (and now Matron of Honor) Melissa Simpson was about to celebrate her birthday and I wanted to be sure that we all did something to celebrate! I decided to text Melissa and asked her about plans and it turned into planning an awesome girl’s days and dinner out to celebrate her birthday! I had absolutely no idea but Kevin had already been talking with Melissa about a proposal plan and they saw this as the perfect opportunity to surprise me. It was so great, Britney (Melissa’s bff), Melissa, and I all met up and got manicures, pedicures, went shopping, grabbed some food, then went back home and got ready for a fun girl’s night out at a restaurant at Balboa Park! All the while, Kevin was working with Mike (Melissa’s husband) to get everything ready for the proposal, while coordinating with Melissa to bring me to them. Kevin had to make a last minute run to the store to grab my favorite flowers, prep the location he decided on, and practiced what he was going to say to me in front of Mike– Kevin later told me that he proposed to Mike at least 5 times just to make sure he would get it right!

I of course had no idea and went along with whatever Melissa wanted to do since it was for her “birthday” and I wanted to make it awesome for my best friend! So Melissa leads the way and even tells me that someone gave her a gift card to the restaurant we were going to and dinner would be paid for (score!). So we got to at Balboa Park, feeling great and excited for a fun girl’s night! Melissa asks us if we could go and take some cute pictures because it’s pretty rare that we all get dressed up together! I told her “sure, whatever you want to do Missy! It’s your night!”. So Melissa led the way and told us there is a really pretty background over by the theater area of Balboa Park. While all this was going on, Melissa texted Kevin to let him know they were there and all of a sudden the nerves and butterflies set in as he knew everything was about to change! We rounded a corner and I look over at some steps and sees sunflowers (my favorite) and candles and I thought to myself “Aw that’s really pretty…kind of random but there’s always events going on at Balboa Park…so whatever.”

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We walk a bit further and I look over at the stairs again and see Kevin pop out with a beautiful sunflower in his hand. I look over at my friends and completely freeze for a second and I then realized what was happening. There was no birthday celebration, no dinner plans, none of that…instead this was the night I had been dreaming of since the moment I knew Kevin was the man for me. Kevin had to gesture to me to walk over since I was still in complete shock of what was happening. He held out his hand for me and we walked up the stairs that were covered in sunflowers and candles, with the sun setting behind us. It is important to mention…earlier in the day and the day prior it had been pouring rain in San Diego and was predicted to be raining that entire day. Somehow, the rain stopped for a few short hours, which seemed like a small miracle to make the proposal even more special. Kevin held my hand and began telling me the sweetest words of how much he loves me and how happy I make him. Kevin will deny it, but he began to tear up and so did I… then he got down on one knee, pulled out the perfect ring, and asked “Kendra Marie Amann, will you marry me?”

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Special Thanks

Mike Simpson
 | Photographer
Melissa Simpson
 | Videographer
Britney Luebeck
 | Planning