Kendra and Joshua

How We Met

Joshua and I have a pretty plain but hilarious way of meeting. I was 16 and pretty much decided he was going to date me somehow but I couldn’t speak to him. So when we went to check out The Gathering Place, I told my mom he was a good looking guy and then saw his sister Nicole with him, and thought it was his girlfriend. When we went downstairs after I kind of casually followed him while trying to figure out how to stalk his name on Facebook. After a couple weeks, we started talking, and Josh and I became good friends, but he was trying to see this girl from another church. Little did I know the pastor was telling him I was the one to date. I mean I was reading courting books! Eventually Josh came around and told me he liked me but I was to young, so I had to prove I wasn’t that was a chore. When he finally agreed to give it a try, he asked what my idea of a perfect date was because he had never been on a date before. My reply was The Breakfast Club, Strawberry Yogurt, Smarties, and Pizza. Well, the good boy he was he went and got it all set it up in his backyard and the rest is history.

Image 1 of Kendra and Joshua

how they asked

Well after 5 long years, I was getting pretty antsy. Suspecting everything was a proposal but my mother started telling me it wasn’t going to be until like Easter. Boy, did everyone have me tricked. Joshua had been going around making plans. On the day of the 21st my dad and josh were getting everything ready while I slept. I had worked midnights the night before. When everyone was gone my mom had my dog bring me a little envelope with a letter telling me when I was done getting my nails done to be ready for 12 because I was going on a secret date and to be dressed nicely with my hair out. Well I was ready by 12 but no one was their. At 1245 Joshua showed up with a Gray Dort, driver named Stan and a boom box above his head playing “Don’t Forget About Me” from The Breakfast Club my favourite movie!! What a darling! After being surprised we hoped into the car drove around town, and then to Shrewsbury where in the house we are fixing up with my parents, Joshua had remade our entire first date with the pizza, yogurt, smarties and The Breakfast Club. Even the same bench from his parents house from 5 years ago. At the end, Josh proposed by reading one of the Open When cards I had made him and arranged for us to have dinner at Swiss Chalet with both our parents, it was a great day! Certainly one for the books !

Image 2 of Kendra and Joshua

Image 3 of Kendra and Joshua