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Wedding Proposal Ideas in Chicago

How We Met

Jay and I met in grad school while getting our MBA’s at Michigan State University.

how they asked

It was a random Wednesday. My boyfriend, Jason, texted me to ask what I was doing after work. I let him know that had made plans to hang out with my good friend Tina. Jason informed that his work was having an event at the Chicago planetarium and significant others were invited to join. Jason knew I really wanted to go to the planetarium; I love astronomy and although I have lived in Chicago for over two years now I still hadn’t been to the planetarium. So of course, I asked for a rain check with my friend Tina and headed to the planetarium after work. Jason was waiting for me when I got there. He seemed to acting a little different when I got there, not as talkative as usual. He mentioned that the event was open yet, so he suggested that we walk over to the lake and wait. If you haven’t been to the Chicago planetarium, it’s one of the most beautiful views in the city. We sat on a step and we going over our day when he stood up…and then got down on one knee. I was in complete shock. I knew he was the man I was going to marry, but he had kept this a complete secret from me. He was so nervous, it was absolutely adorable. The best part was it was just the two of us, he had waited until no one else was in our vicinity. He also designed the ring himself, it couldn’t be more perfect. We went to dinner after and had a lovely meal… little did I know the surprises weren’t over yet. He had a sailboat waiting for us after dinner! Every Wednesday in the summer Chicago has an amazing firework show at the end of Navy Pier. We ended the night sipping bubbly and watching the fireworks from the boat, it truly was magical <3

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