Kendra and Jacques

How We Met: Joc and I met at work. I’m a retail manager and he’s a police officer. I had recently transferred to a new store and he was one of the officers that worked off duty there. He apparently was attracted to me when he met me, and told another manager. It took me months to get him to come out of his shell and open up. The rest is our history.

how they asked: Jacques had planned a full day for us to spend together with events on my side of the family as well as his, followed by dinner together in uptown Charlotte. Earlier in the day, I had driven his truck to meet my mom and he thought I found the ring. I hadn’t by the way. His solution was to throw me off. On the way to dinner and throughout the entire meal, he kept making little comments about either never wanting to get married, or waiting another 4 or 5 years. By dessert, I was visibly upset and told him to take me home. When we got to my house, I left him outside. I hear him come upstairs and ask me to come give him a hug, and he’s apologizing for upsetting me. I come into the room, and he’s on one knee with a ring. I instantly begin bawling. It was perfect and I wasn’t expecting it at all.