Kendra and Cam


How We Met

We were both going to school in a college town on the Central Coast of California when we met. He was downtown with friends for a birthday and I was out with my girlfriends, attempting to forget a past relationship.

Thankfully, that night I found a man who would help me forget the past and give me a future worth remembering. My girls and I were attempting to avoid a group of creepy guys who had followed us from the last bar.

When the creepers started heading our way we decided to start talking to the group of guys nearest us in hopes of scaring the creepers off. Lucky for me, the guy nearest me turned out to be my future husband.

That night he saved me from some creepy guys and he’s been saving me ever since. Two days later he took me out on our first date. I thought we were going to dinner so I hadn’t eaten, but he was apparently too nervous to eat.

He decided to take me out to froyo and I didn’t have the heart to tell him how hungry I was. I ended up stuffing my face as soon as I got home, but I guess other than that the date must’ve gone great because he’s been making it up to me and keeping me well fed ever since.

how they asked

He moved to Colorado for me so it only makes sense he would climb mountains to propose. The very first hike we went on after moving to Colorado was up to the abandoned Caribou Mining Town high up in the Rocky Mountains.



He told me that ever since that hike he knew that was where he wanted to propose. He also knew how much I wanted photos of the special moment, so he enlisted the help of one of my brothers to secretly follow us up the mountain.


To get to the start of the hike you have to drive up a very rocky, windy road. Well, my brother had never been there so he attempted to drive up in his mustang, but a mustang doesn’t do so well off-roading.



He eventually had to give up driving and try and hike up the rest of the way. We ended up passing him in our truck along the way, so he hitched a ride from a stranger.


Unfortunately, my fiancé isn’t very good at giving directions because my brother almost didn’t make the proposal! He accidentally got dropped off at the wrong turn, far from where the hike was supposed to start.


He finally made it to the right spot and then started hiking up the wrong mountain! Thankfully I’m a slow hiker because by the time he finally made it up the right mountain we had just reached the top.



He got there just in time to take photos of the special moment. It was the perfect day, in the perfect place, with the perfect ring, and the perfect man for me. And thankfully my brother was fast enough to be there to witness it!


Special Thanks

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