Kendra and Brennan

How We Met

Brennan and I met in highschool, I was 16 and he was graduating that year. We met at school, and we’d gone for coffee afterwards with one of my friends (I can credit Rachel for introducing us). We were friends for awhile, but he graduated and moved out of the province and we lost touch for a few years. We connected again just after I turned 19 and he was still living in Calgary going to school. We started a long distance relationship and he eventually moved back to Abbotsford and we’ve been together for 7.5 years.


how they asked

We had never taken a trip away together just the two of us, and spent it in nice place. Last year we had decided to go to Tofino for the Family Day long weekend in February. We were excited to be there during storm season and were hoping to see some really crazy waves on the beach. I was also especially excited for all of the seafood I was going to get to eat. I’ve been bugging Brennan for years that the only gift I want for my birthday or for Christmas is something shiny. He’d counter that by saying “Okay, I’ll get you a gun with a diamond on it”. (He is an avid shooter and shoots competitively). I then had to get more specific and say that it had to be something shiny that goes onto my ring finger. He would always laugh it off and carry on, which is why it was most definitely not in my mind that he might propose on our trip to Tofino. Little did I know….

The first morning we had in Tofino, we went for a walk on a private beach beside the lodge we were staying at (Middle Beach Lodge). We brought our nice camera and tripod for the purpose of taking pictures of the waves. I saw a couple standing on a big rock out in the water and I said to him “Hey! When that couple leaves, go set up your tripod. I want a picture of us on that rock together, we don’t have enough pictures of us.” He happily obliged and set up the tripod as I made my way out to the rock and waited for him. He had set up the camera and joined me up on the rock and I said to him, “Look! The waves are so pretty!” He replied back saying “You’re so pretty. I love you.” and suddenly he was down on one knee, and he asked me to marry him. I was so shocked I just stood there staring at this amazing ring he was holding in front of me. I started to cry, then nodded and said YES! I leaned down to kiss him and then placed the ring on my finger. He stood up and hugged me and suggested we should get down off of the rock before the tide comes in anymore and we get stuck. Then I remembered the camera – He had just caught the entire thing on his camera so there were photos. We spent the rest of that weekend blissfully engaged in one of the most beautiful sceneries. To top it off, our room had been upgraded (which was by total coincidence!) and we made it the most wonderful weekend. We get married September 17 2016!