Kendra and Brandon

Brandon and I met for the first time in 8th grade. I should admit that I don’t remember meeting him, and he blames that on the fact that he had a “bowl cut” hair-do ;) He came to my high school a couple years later and we became friends, but had no interest in dating each other. Fast forward 5 years: we are attending the same college in NC, and we start to rekindle our friendship. Once we started talking in the summer of 2012, we never stopped.

We both decided to move to Maui, Hawaii in 2014 to get involved with our best friends’ church on the island, and now we live on Maui!

Image 1 of Kendra and Brandon

how they asked: I had been planning a big surprise for Brandon for almost two months. My younger sister Kolby, and his younger brother Bryan were both coming to Maui. Brandon knew Kolby was coming but he didn’t know Bryan would be coming as well. Kolby and Bryan flew in on a Friday and we surprised Brandon that night with our guests! We all got to spend the whole week exploring the island.

Thursday, March 5th, seemed like an ordinary day. Brandon had to work until evening, and Bryan went surfing with Dayne (Brandon’s BFF) and would be gone all day. I planned for my sister and I to spend the day at the beach and then that night we planned to meet up with Brandon, Bryan, Dayne and Jamie (one of my best friends, and Daynes wife) for a nice dinner.

I tried calling Brandon a couple times throughout the day and he told me he was in a 6 hour work meeting and he would call me as soon as he was off. He had been really busy at work that week so I didn’t suspect anything was up.

Once dinnertime rolled around, Kolby and I were dressed and ready to go. I barely had any communication with Brandon during the day, or anyone else, so I had no idea where to meet for dinner or what the plans were for the night (I was getting a tad frustrated, homegirl wanted some food).

Brandon finally called me 15 minutes before sunset and told me that everyone was going to meet at Swing Beach to watch the sunset together before dinner. Swing Beach, (I’m not sure what the real name is Brandon and I just made that one up), is one of our favorite spots on the island. Its super secluded and feels like you’re somewhere private, and it has AMAZING views.

Kolby and I drove to watch the sunset with everyone and right when I got out of the car Jamie grabbed my hand and asked me to walk to her car with her. At some point she let go of my hand, I just don’t remember when. All I remember is seeing Brandon standing on top of the sand in a white button up with a gray tie, and white wildflowers in his hands. He came down and met me, and told me he had a confession to make: “I didn’t go to work today. I took the day off to set up something I’ve been planning for a long time.”

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As we walked up the sand I saw a path leading to the swing on the beach. The path was lined with photos of family members who wanted to be at our engagement but couldn’t make it, and above the photos was a quote about love that Brandon had asked each family member to come up with. There were candles, and brightly colored flowers laid on the path. At the end of the path he sat me down on the swing. While I sat there (in shock of what was happening) I got to listen to my best friend make promises to me that will last a lifetime.

He then got down on one knee and asked me one of the most important questions ever…I’m sure you can guess what it was.

Image 3 of Kendra and Brandon

Image 4 of Kendra and Brandon

Our best friend Dayne had been photographing the entire proposal, and we had THE most gorgeous sunset I have ever seen as a backdrop, thank you Lord for that special touch.

Image 9 of Kendra and Brandon

We did all eventually go to dinner, but at that point my hunger had faded because I was too overwhelmed with excitement!!

I should also mention that Brandon actually knew Bryan was coming…they wanted to keep me occupied so I wouldn’t find out what Brandon was planning, so they told me that little white lie to keep me distracted. I guess I’m not mad!

Image 5 of Kendra and Brandon

Image 6 of Kendra and Brandon

As an engagement gift (not sure why he got me something, I get to be his wife thats the best gift ever!!!) Brandon had a friend on Maui hand-make a ring for me. When I opened the bag I saw that there was a date on the ring, 8.28.2005, and on the inside it said “the day we met”. I stared at Brandon in awe that he would even know the date, and he explained to me that he had done some research and discovered the day we first met in 8th grade…..swoon!! I get to be with this guy for forever!!!

Image 10 of Kendra and Brandon