Kendra and Aaron

How We Met

Aaron and I met working as team members at Chick-fil-A We were both and high school and we got really close because we were the closers. We had to get along because we spent more time with eachother than we did with our own families. Throughout the next two years we just started to get to know eachother more and more and became really good friends. But JUST FRIENDS! I said that exactly like that everytime any of my friends and co-workers harrassed me. Then we both graduated and he left me to go live in europe and I left to go to Mexico. I got a message from Aaron as I was enjoying the amazing sun and I remember telling my best friend how weird it was too. We both came back from our adventures and had time to meet at midnight for the premiere of dispicable me 2 and almost three years later he popped the question.

how they asked

We went for an impromtu Disneyland trip before school started and we had to go through the cycle of not seeing eachother for days at a time. I never really though anything of it. On the way up he kept calling me his fiance becasue we were talking about getting maried within the next couple years. Then I told him. “Aaron, i swear on all things beautiful in the world. If you make me another basic person who gets proposed to infront of the castle I swear to you I’ll say no.” We just laughed and he said he would never do that to me and I never even thought about it. The first day we were in Disneyland of course it had to happen. We personally witnessed like three people get engaged in fron of the castle. I mean for some girls that was their dream but definately not mine (Although I am a princess). We ended our day with love in our heart and ready for California Adventures the next day.

Honestly, every time I tell the story I think to myself “I should haveseen it coming.” But stay with me because I swear to you I didn’. When we were geting ready for Disney Aaron came out of the bathroom and was wearing a button up and tie. Aaron what are you thinking? I begged him to take it off but he refused… what a weirdo. Anyways, i pick my fights wisely ladies and gentleman and I let him wear the tie. I love the movie Cars by pixar it has so many meanings for me and thats why I love Tow Mater. He is the perfect symbol of a true friend who is ready to “tow” his friends through difficult time and nis completely selfless. Aaron wanted to ride some rides and kept asking me when we could go take pictures with Mater! I got so annoyed and said “ok, if you want to go see him that bad lets go!” While we were in line he started sweating and went to got talk to the cast memebers and I honeslty just kept talking to my friends and the group behind us. Little did I know he worked hand and hand with not only the cast members at Disney but also with Tow Mater to make this the proposal that is so unique. He got down on one knee and it was all a blur from there. If you here two mater and see his eyes he followed and talked to Aaron and I throughout the entire proposal. Thank you to Tow Mater and the people of Disney for this one in a million proposal… that is hard for disney proposals:P

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