This Baseball Player Proposed With a Little Help From His Teammates


How We Met

On New Years Eve in 2013 I was back home in Mesa, Arizona on winter break (I was at College in Texas) when I decided to go with some friends to a New Years Eve party. The party was held by a friend that had gone to a rival high school, so there was a good number of people that I didn’t know or even have seen before. Obviously we were all there looking around for our potential New Years kiss at midnight. Despite having enough time to scout out the candidates, I was still unsure about the winner.


The countdown started, and I had already decided to just wait till next year, when all of a sudden at number 2 a gorgeous blonde wearing bright red lip stick came walking up to me. She planted one on me when the crowd started screaming oneeee!!!! The actual kiss lasted only a moment, but it had a lasting effect (mainly because of the red Lipstick on my lips). Just as fast as she showed up, she disappeared back into the crowd. She left without even leaving her name or any way to contact her. Luckily for me she commented on one of my Instagram pictures “I kissed you tonight” Naturally I replied ” How could I forget”. Unfortunately, I had to go back to college the next day, so we did a full semester of long distance, which sucked. However, when I got home from school it took only two weeks before I knew I was going to marry this woman.



how they asked

I was playing for Grand Canyon’s baseball team, and our season is during the spring. So On March 16th of this year, I decided I was going to propose after one of my games. She came to all of my home games, so I didn’t have to worry about trying to get her to come. Knowing Kendall and how she would die if she wasn’t dressed cute and all done up, I used the fact it was my Mothers birthday the next day to say that “Hey you should take my mom to get her nails done for her birthday before the game, because after we are going to a nice restaurant.” By saying that, I was hoping to have her dress all nice for dinner, and have her nails done. I killed two birds with that stone, but the tricky part was I wanted her enormous family to be there. I solved that by keeping the whole family in the parking garage for the entire game, which I still feel bad about but, I hope they understood. The game seemed like the longest game in the history of baseball, but when it finally ended I had some teammates help me out by putting the rose pedals around home plate while I walked over to her to say hi like I would any other game.

At that moment I had a teammate and his girlfriend ask her to take a picture of them.  While she was distracted I snuck back on the field. Once set, I signaled to my teammate to ask kendall to take a picture of them on the field.

Once kendall turned the corned to go on the field she saw the cameraman, and then saw me standing at home plate. I saw tears start rolling down her face, so thats how I knew my plan worked.


She then looked up in the stands to see her whole family, my family, friends and even random strangers that were still lingering in the stands after the game. Despite my sweaty arm pits, it was an amazing day.

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