Kendall and Shane

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How We Met

I moved to New Orleans from Nashville on August 20, 2014. It had been a rough year, and I was ready for life to take her in a new direction. A week later, I went to DragonCon in Atlanta for the 4th year in a row.

In August of 2014, Shane wasn’t doing anything exciting. He had had a poor summer on the romantic front and had been looking at a couple of dating websites because, hell, he wasn’t meeting anyone in the traditional way.

I returned from DragonCon tired but exhilarated. I had a great time in Atlanta and was ready to see what New Orleans had to offer. I had no intention of dating right away, but weeks before, my best friend, Misty, had encouraged me to get back on a dating app, if anything just to have a laugh. Because God or Fate or whoever you may believe in has a sense of humor, I agreed, saying “It’s not like I’ll meet my future husband on Tinder.”

Days later, We matched on Tinder. We messaged for a day or so, switched to texting, and before long, we had arranged a first date. To be safe, one of My friends was instructed to call the police if he did not hear from me by midnight.

As any first date, it started off somewhat awkwardly. Shane took a wrong turn on the way to the restaurant and took Me through a completely different part of the city than the restaurant. And then he went the wrong way down a one-way street. I thought it was adorable and it made me feel a lot more at ease.

After finally arriving to the restaurant and having dinner, We went to a nearby trendy bar for overpriced cocktails, where we bonded over poor service and not being able to hear each other over the gentle roar of the other bar patrons. So we retreated to the more welcoming environment of a smaller neighborhood bar. Over the course of a few beers, We both grew more comfortable in each other’s company and really started to enjoy our evening. I even forgot to text my safety friend to let him know I hadn’t been kidnapped or murdered. Oops!

Before the date was over, Shane ignored all of the dating rules and asked me for a second date. I pretended to think about it, and then agreed. 3 years, two apartments, three cities, two states, and a dog later…we got engaged.

how they asked

In the summer of 2017, I joined a local theatre company’s production of Amerikin Idull. It’s an original show written and directed by a good friend of ours, Misty Embry. It’s a parody of the music competition, American Idol. I played a surly Judge and Misty, our writer, and director, was also the Host.

On the last night of the show, we were performing in Red Boiling Springs at The Thomas House. In the middle of the second act, Misty announced a “very special guest”. I immediately Noticed that those weren’t the correct lines, but we often ab lib on stage so I went With it. She then called on stage, “Babe” which is Shane’s nickname, given by our friends from the theatre group.

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I was completely confused and shocked, but he jumped on stage, and after a bit of banter with Misty, he began to sing. As soon as I heard the first notes of “For Once in My Life” I knew What was happening…kind of. That song was “our song”, the song we heard on our first date.

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Shane is an extreme introvert and shy person, so to get on stage and sing is completely out of character for him. After a few verses he grabbed my hand and proposed right there on stage, in front of 50 strangers, and a handful of our friends and my parents.

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Of course, I said Yes.

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